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Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag Review

As the last few months have been somewhat emotional and stressful (My manager called me out for using this as an excuse for my last few purchases which included my LV Key holder and my Car lol) so I wanted to treat myself again YOLO

I have never really been too fussed about buying pieces from luxury designers, yes I have owned a few pieces here and there but I have never really coveted a designer item until recently.

Until this year the only LV items I had owned were a purse theta my mum brought me on my 21st (that I lost) and a Key clay that I tricked my parents into buying for me while we were in Hong Kong which I used as a cardholder until it fell apart.

Last month I dipped my toe into LV ownership when I purchased the LV Key Holder to celebrate finally buying a new car. This was my first time seeing the LV  Neverfull with the hot pink lining! HOT PINK!

Well now I am going to have to seriously think about this because it is obviously meant to happen
After that I became obsessed! Reading blogs, watching reviews and unboxings on YouTube. As far as I was concerned I have to have that bag.
The plan was to wait until my birthday but after a practically stressful week I thought to fuck it and a work event in London was the perfect excuse to swing into Selfridges to make my purchase.

For those who don't know...

Introduced in 2007, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull quickly became one of LV's most successful bags.
Though of by most as the type of bag that will never go out of style and can be worn throughout any trend or season and is available in three different sizes: PM (small), MM (medium) and GM (large)
I now own the GM which I think is fine for me as I am quite tall (I'm 5'9 for reference). The only problem I foresee is that when I have a large bag I tend to find unnecessary things to put in it lol!

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull comes in four different colours/patterns. Mine is the Monogram Canvas with the “Pivoine” Hot Pink interior – Anyone that knows I adore pink so this was the perfect option for me. the bag is also available with a beige or cherry coloured interior.

Then you have: Damier Azur Canvas which is available with a Beige or Rose ballerina lining
Damier Ebene Canvas which is available with a Cherry or Rose ballerina lining
Epi Leather this is actually leather hence the higher price point and is available in a number of colours and finishes.

Other than the Epi Leather style the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bags are made from a coated canvas exterior (no it is not leather) have a textile lined interior and a natural cowhide leather trim. There is one zippered interior pocket as well as a removable zippered wristlet which could also double up as a clutch - one of my favourite features of the bag as it like having two bags in one!
The shape of the Neverfull is very loose and the sides aren't rigid, which means the bag easily conforms to anything you need to add inside. It's incredibly well-made and can withstand decades of use. I did purchase a bag shaper as the bottom of the bag is very soft and I wanted to make sure that it did not become misshapen

With the hefty price tag of £965 I have had my fair share of buyers remorse as well as criticism from well-meaning friends and family but YOLO right?

Either way, I will have bills to pay.

Would you spend so much on a bag?

In love with the Louis Vuitton 6 Key Holder

I recently had to make a trip up to Selfridges in London to pick up some watches that I had previously taken in to be serviced so I roped my dad into going with and while we were there we decided to have a little browse around the department store. 
We eventually happened upon Louis Vuitton giving me the perfect opportunity to show Pops the Neverfull handbag that I have been lusting over for years but haven’t been able to justify purchasing.

The great thing about shopping with pops is he always rights my wrongs when I want to make extravagant purchases, in fact, he is actually a bad influence lol.
Between us, we decided that I would wait until my birthday to make the purchase and in the meantime, I would make some amendments to my budget to avoid the dreaded buyer's remorse. 
But of course, something else caught my eye... 

The Louis Vuitton 6 Key Holder 

I would be lying if I said that I was not already aware of this item,  watching youtube of women showing off their Neverfull handbags had slowly become the new obsession I was slowly getting into SLG's (Small Leather Goods if you didn’t know)  
There’s no harm in having a little look is there?

Well …
I bit the bullet and purchased my 1st SLG  
Sorry, not sorry.

I should probably mention that I had earlier put down a deposit on a new car that I was anxiously anticipating picking up so I couldn’t be too surprised at what I did next.
With my cheerleader egging me on, Yeah you Andy (to be fair he didn’t need to do much)

I was absolutely ecstatic with my purchase and still am but it is shaping up to be a bit of a controversial purchase.
I have found people love it or they would love to tar and feather me for spending so much money on what they feel is an insignificant item lol!
To be fair at £160 it is a lot to spend on a “glorified keyring” but at the same time I could easily spend over £160 on a night out an still have nowhere to keep my keys.
 I’m defiantly not going to bankrupt myself for an SLG but hey I work hard so why not treat myself.
This little beauty Holds 6 keys (Hence the name duh!) and not only does keeps my keys all in one place, it can also function card holder! 
On the day that I do not want to bring out my purse, I can simply slide my driving licence and 2-3 other cards into the slot comfortably and then I’m good to go.
The 6 Key Holder will also ensure that the keys won’t scratch the interior of my bag or damage the other contents inside (Note: The my car key does have to dangle on the outside because it is quite thick as is the remote for my electric gate and with both inside the 6 Key Holder wouldn’t be able to close. but that doesn’t really bother me as I have it attached it to my fluffy keyring.
I personally think this was a very practical purchase and I would defiantly recommend it (I, in fact, I have been trying to bully friends and colleagues into getting one also lol) 

Next step Neverfull 

Louis Vuitton’s “Series 3” Exhibition Review

Since the exhibition opened I had been seeing the amazing photos on Instagram while I waited green envy for my turn to attend the Louis Vuitton Christens ‘Series 3’ Exhibition
Finally last week Thursday my opportunity arrived and I was not disappointed.

Louis Vuitton’s “Series 3” exhibition was held at 180 the Strand and was free to attend however ticked needed to be booked in advance via Eventbrite,

The exhibition was gives background insight in to all aspects of Nicolas Ghesquière’s fall collection including the attention to detail and the craftsmanship that goes into making the products.
In one room there are interactive craft tables where visitors can sit down and watch hands make the products and in another room actual artisan from Vuitton demonstrate the assembly process for Ghesquière’s miniature trunk bags and visitors are able to ask them questions.
Finished accessories are displayed in a blinding white room on white mannequins embedded in walls and plinths, unfortunately we couldn’t touch them though.

After the tour we were given a poster and some stickers.
I have to say that I really enjoyed the exhibition and the guide that walked us was super charismatic and knowledgeable.

For the third time Nicolas Chesquière shared his creative process with the public at the amazing SERISE 3 exhibition starting during London Fashion Week and held at the Strand 180 the free exhibition drew in thousands of visitors.