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Wots her name again?/Tagoes Closet boutique @ Capital Carboot

I hope that everyone had a wonderful fashionable weekend.
I was really scared the weather would let me know as I had been preparing all week for Capital Car boot and wanted to get loads of my old clothes, shoes bags ect as I starting to feel claustrophobic in my living space.
Getting ready for the bootsale
Well the weather kept to its word and it was lightly over cast but ok. And we were ready to go!
We decided that we wanted to go for a mini boot sale boutique type of feel to make it fun for the shoppers.
We brought a funky pink rug, Mannequins and picture frames to put up signs and messages.
As well as me and Sherry we were also joined by Omar and Buster who were selling men’s clothing, shoes and accessories –Oh and Buster who is a Make-up artist was selling MAKE-UP brushes!!!
I called dibs on the ones I wanted before he was even properly unpacked!
Throughout the say ladies were pushing each other out the way to get to his stuff.

I’m happy to say that we all did really well and came away with much less than we came with but my purse was very heavy J
I’m also happy to say that I didn’t go and buy a load of stuff………
Technically I traded the brushes with Buster for some kids shoes and I stole a load of scarves from Sherry ......
 She knows its ok.
I also brought this awesome coat
(Photo to come)
Look at alllll these moneysssss

Another Mans Treasure

This weekend packed up my car Picked up Ms Tagoe and headed down to the Capital car boot site at Pimlico Academy offers both indoor and outdoor stalls in a bid to get rid of some of my clutter as well as some items were not selling in my eBay store.
I had been to Capital car boot and enjoy talking to and watching the different types of people that attend, having a good rummage for bargains at the other stalls and of course making a bit of money is always a good incentive.

Unfortunately due to the miserable weather it was not as busy as it has recently but there was a lot sellers with some cool items which lead to me breaking my “Don’t spend any money” rule picking up the following beauties for a steal.

Vero Moda Black Fun Fringe Mini Dress Size M

Knitted TU dress with gold buttons
Bold Print Halter Neck Wrap around Dress One Size
Ecote Blue Silk Top Size L
Marc B Chelsea Quilted Chain Bag

Isabel Marant Peach Coloured Cotton & Lace Top

Miss Tagoe also managed to stumble upon this banging Grey suede and Leather Trent Boots
The Bold Print Halter Neck Wrap Around Dress One Size the Ecote Blue Silk Top Size L are currently available for purchase in my EBay store but unfortunately the Marc B Chelsea Quilted Chain Bag and the Isabel Marant Peach Coloured Cotton & Lace Top have already been snapped up by some savvy Ebayers