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Before I went natural I wish I knew...

Looking back the past few years I can see a lot of changes in my life as well as my hair since I have gone natural, and while I have made loads of mistakes along the way, I treasure them for making me a wiser and savvier natural. There are a few things I wish I knew about earlier that could have made my journey less painful, so hopefully, insight from my experience will make your transition much easier.

How To Take Down Braids and Twists Without Experiencing Breakage

As A Lupus suffer, full time worker and a person who likes to hit the snooze button more than once in the mornings have chosen to opt for long term protective styles which are kept in place for several weeks. While they are for promoting hair growth retention keeping a style for that long, there is no pros without cons.  Whether you have cornrows, braids, weaves or any of the other fashionable protective styles, eventually you are going to have to take them out and detangle cleans and condition your locks.

Motions Hair Pre-wash Detangling Butter and Giveaway

During my visit to The Natural Hair Week a few weeks ago I happened upon the Motions stand a while having a natter with the staff.
I have been aware of motions for some time but I had never really tried any of their products, however the company has re-branded and launched a Natural textural textures range, which contains a heat styling range and a Natural textures range.
During our convo I mentioned to one of the consultants that I would be taking down my box braids, washing and deep conditioning my hair and how I was not looking forward to it. One of the consultants then introduced me to this little gem:
Pre-wash Detangling Butter 

which is one of the newest products in the Motions Natural Textures range.
I was instructed to  me to gently finger comb my hair then apply the product to the hair wait 15 minutes then comb out.
I think I can handle that.
As Motions were selling four products for £10 I decided to treat my hair to the following:

Instead of going straight home after the event to rake out my braids and properly sort out my hair I ended up going out for dinner and drinks and rolled into my house around 10pm leaving me little time for me to take out my braids, wash and deep condition my hair as I had an appointment with a hairdresser to get my hair Crochet braided at 12pm the following day.
Once I took out the braids it was dumb late so unfortunately I wasn’t in a place to vogue and take pictures :(

As instructed I finger detangled my hair then I added the Pre-wash Detangling Butter massaging it into my hair then I left it for 15 mins then combed in sections with a wide tooth comb starting from the ends and working my up to the roots.
The product was creamy and had a lovely smell to it and I found it worked really well to detangle my tresses.

All I can say is wow! Combing out my hair after taking out my braids has never been this simple.
I then rinsed my hair and washed it with the Moisturizing Cleanser. It lathered up well and also smelled nice.
As I had my hair in the braided for around 4 weeks previously I was eager to give it a good deep condition.
I found the masque to be quite thin in consistency and I was concerned that I would end up using the whole tub on my hair but I found that a little went quite a long way.
When I applied the masque to my damp hair in sections before combing with a wide tooth comb and platting into a loose braid.
I then covered my hair with a shower cap I then had a hot bath to compensate for not sitting under the dryer.
After getting out of the bath, and putting on my PJ I decided to leave the conditioner in a little bit longer and ended up falling asleep with it in my hair. Not great for my pillows but not the worst thing that could happen.
The following morning when I rinsed out the conditioner my hair felt lovely an my hair soft (moisturised) oh and let me mention that when I applied the masque my curls suddenly popped into cutest tiny ringlets I wish a took a picture.

Again apologies for the lack of photos it was dumb o’clock in the morning.
While my hair was still slightly damp I moisturize and sealed with Creamy Hair Lotion by Cantu and Coconut oil and braid in sections and braided into chunky braids.

Have you tried Motions new range?
What are your thoughts?
Want to try out the  Pre-wash Detangling Butter?

Well I have on up for grabs!!
All you have to do is leave a comment below with your wash day tips and I will pick a winner on 25/06/2015
Easy right?
Good Luck

The WITJ Natural Hair & Beauty Expo 2015

After its launch in August 2013 The ‘Woman In The Jungle’ Natural Hair & Beauty Expo which was created by Wunmi Akinlagun a UK based natural hair & beauty blogger via the online platforms Woman In The Jungle is back for its third on installment Saturday 13th June at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel in London, and will also be taking place at the Holiday Inn, Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham on Saturday 6th June.

sponsored by You Be-Natural’- Luster Products The ‘Woman In The Jungle’ Natural Hair & Beauty Expo  has quickly been dubbed one of the UK's largest and most highly anticipated natural hair experiences.

Woman in the Jungle’ Natural Hair & Beauty Expo is an event dedicated to the Natural Hair & Beauty industry and it brings most fascinating spread of hair rejuvenating oils and creams, dandruff control oils and hair accessories. Also leveraging interactive hair, beauty, style & wellness workshops; quality UK & International vendors, an in house salon, makeovers by Fashion Fair UK, live entertainment and much more.
Seven workshop sessions on the day will include (but are not limited to);
Displaying WITJ 2014_32.jpg
'Shrinkage and Safe Straight Styling - Natural Hair with zero damage'
Sponsored by You Be-Natural with professional natural hair stylist & YouTube Guru Monica Stevens of Mo Knows Hair and international celebrity stylist Kevin Pendleton.

Red Carpet to Real Wear
 Sponsored by Design Essentials Naturals Coconut & Monoi.
A celebrity transformation session delivered by brown beauty YouTube pioneer Destiny Godley & Natural Hair sensation Vaughn Monroe of Ms VaughnTV.
Displaying WITJ 2014_170.jpg

Perfecting Protective Styling
hosted by Cantu Beauty. Presented by natural hair specialist
Anastasia Chikezie of Purely Natural Hair Salon London and protective styling maven Chiaka Valentina.

Three Girls Talk Curls
 with event founder Wunmi Akinlagun of Woman In The Jungle,
Ginny Pettitt of Fro Girl Ginny & Farida Sharma of Curly Proverbz.
These three ladies with
different textures share different curl definition techniques and products to get the most out of
your hair.

A Look at Locs
 with Helen Mensah of Huntress Locs. Helen will demonstrate her most
requested creative sisterlocks styles, offering advice for maintaining healthy locs and getting
started on your loc journey.

Wrapping up with the 'Women's Empowerment Panel
 hosted by Young
Ladies Club founder and life coach Hannah Oyewole who over the last couple of years
has been dedicated to Empowering women through her words.

Panellist will also include six phenomenal other women who are leading experts in their respective fields chatting it up about beauty, business, life & metal wellbeing.
If you are interested in The WITJ Natural Hair & Beauty Exposè  #TheWITJExpo2015Tour (Birmingham & London) the dates are:
photo Eventbritebannerbirmingham_zps24998737.png

Saturday 6th June 2015 10am - 6pm - Holiday Inn, Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham,
Purchase tickets HERE

Saturday 13th June 2015 10am - 6pm - Grange Tower Bridge Hotel,
Purchase tickets HERE

30% when you use discount code WITJ30 on check out at to redeem offer. Offer ends 6:00pm 11th June

Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE 2015! Have you got your ticket??

I don’t know if it is just me but when I think of May two things come to mind Bank holidays and Afro Hair and Beauty Live!
Image result for afro hair and beauty live 2015
Now in its 34th year Afro hair and Beauty LIVE, Europe’s biggest hair, beauty and lifestyle exhibition for young black women is back with an amazing line-up of live demonstrations, 

seminars and workshops lead by specialists with years of experience across a number of fields including hair and beauty, health and well being and personal development.

Past Seminars have included: Loc Techniques and Natural Hair Styling Black Hair Growth Secrets Girlfriends Work It A Beauty Masterclass Unbe-weaveable Natural looking Weaves Skincare Secrets
so I'm excited to see the line up for this year.

Many of the industry’s leading brands will be exhibiting at the show giving you the opportunity to check out the latest product innovations, services and of course the free samples Heyyy!!

Last year i attended with some of my friends and we ended up having an amazing times 
Check you can check out my review HERE 

Afro Hair and Beauty Live! are offering visitors £9 for 2 tickets to either day with goodie bag on entry on Amazon today!

Limited tickets available for this special price so make sure and get yours before they sell out!

Afro Hair & Beauty Live Event Review

Those who follow me on twitter or Instagram would know that I had been looking forward to Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE 2014 for ages!

Despite being a bit tired from the day before as I had attended Curvoloution and Top Model of colour I was up bright and early. Due to my late night I dint get to roller set my hair the night before so I  had to quickly do it in the morning then rip the curlers out as I made the mad dash to the door.

Obviously my curls didn’t last

When I got to the design and business centre I went to the press desk to collect my press pass where I was greeted by a very Cheerful Jessica
ME: HI I am Lee-Anne Weise and I am  collecting a press pass and some tickets
Jessica: Oh Lee-Anne! I have been waiting to meet you won Loads of tickets!!

I probably should have mention that after a series of late night twitter and Instagram sessions (Thanks prednisone) I entered a load of comps to win tickets for Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE 2014 and actually ended up winning about 5 sets of tickets!!
I can’t say than I never win anything any more
Me in my Spell magazine T'shirt
First stop once I first went to the Spell magazine stand as they wanted to give me a goody bag as part of my prize (Thanks guys)

I then did a walk round taking note of stands I wanted to go back to.

Of course I had to say hi to the guys at the ORS stand and take a few selfies for their wall.

Beautiful textures has a stand this year and after missing out on getting a sample of the naturally straight texture manageability system yesterday I crossed my fingers that I would get one today.
FYI I'm not super tall I'm standing on a chair
Right next to the Beautiful textures stand was the Afro Hair and Beauty Live Bloggers' Lounge which was hosted by UKnaturals.

I have to say I had an amazing time in the bloggers lounge and ended up staying in there much longer than I anticipated talking to bloggers taking pictures and tasting the yummy goodies they had on offer.

The rest of the day I had to say was a complete blur!

I had my hair and scalp analysed at ORS which was interesting and kind of scary at the same time as you see the hair strands close up which showed where my hair was healthy at the routed and as it went down the strands of my hair you could see the damaged from where I preciously relaxed my hair on a regular basis.

I also had a talk with the Patricia Ramgolam-Singh, of Concept Hair in Birmingham about the impact my lupus medications having on my hair and what I could do about it.

I was impressed with how knowledgeable she was about Lupus I normally get the blank stare lol
I was advised to wait until my medications are stable before I consider any kind of chemical treatments for my hair and in the meantime I should take some supplements and improve my diet which is something I had  already started to do so I was happy to know I was going in the right direction.

I had seen a few products that I liked throughout the day but I had promised myself that I would not do any impulse buying but instead I would take the website address for the products, do some research and then decide if need to make a purchase.

The following day when  went back I did end up buying some Shea butter and a subcription to Black hair and beauty but I needed those!

In the afternoon it got crazy busy and over whelming so I ended up leaving about 5pm and
Off to Afro Hair & Beauty Live day two
 I went back early the next day with the intention of taking photos and checking out some of the seminars which I did.

Check out my photos from the day.

Did you go to Afro hair and beauty live?
What did you think of the day and did you make any interesting purchases?

Afro Hair and Beauty Live 2014

Its nearly that time again peeps


May bank holiday all roads will lead to the Business Design Centre in Islington for the hair biggest hair, beauty and lifestyle exhibition show for young black women in Europe.
It’s crazy to think that this will be its 32nd year!
I attended last year and had such a good time that I am defiantly returning with a big bag and come comfy shoes!

Last year I didn’t get to check out the stage shows 
and the demonstrations hosted by 

renowned experts but I will defiantly be allowing time for that.
 Tickets for Afro Hair & Beauty live at Alexandra Palace this May are available on the door. If you would like to book tickets in advance you can get two tickets for £12 when you

Check out my review of Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE 2013

Will you be going to Afro Hair & Beauty Live?

Photos are courtesy of Afro Hair and Beauty Live