Post Lockdown Looks

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Stepping out of your comfort zone after a year has put pressure on most people and their wardrobes, but 2021 is the year to be a little bold and try it all.

Here are a few hot trends that you can rock post lockdown.

Backless is back

Back up your game with backless. A year of no back show has made the designers shift their gears towards backless dresses and tops. Isn't that a perfect twist? Business meetings in the front and party-perfect in the back.

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Styling tips:
The upcoming season is all about spicing up your outfit with either a backless top or a dress. Style it with everything from sandals to flats.

 Sassy summer dresses
Post lockdown, whether you want to dress up a little extra or transition slowly from the oversized silhouette (you have been maintaining for more than a year), an easy-going summer dress is your best bet and a must wear during this heatwave we are currently experiencing in the UK. From figure flattering to forgiving, all sorts of fits are welcomed this season.

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

Styling tips:
Work your way from stripes and florals to chic poplin dresses and change the look of your wardrobe for the better.

Loose is still cool
There is no need to completely swipe your lockdown clothing with IT trends of the season.
With tons of loose and baggy trousers on the spring runways, your lockdown wardrobe is still useful.
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Styling tips:
• To elevate the look of your baggy trousers; pair them up with skin-tight tops.
• Experiment it with something fun such as a pop of colour or paisley prints.
• Hang them low and stay away from high waists for a while

Micro mini for the bold
Dig deep you might find some mini skirts in your closets. The 90's staple that rocked the fashion forum for many years is all set to shake 2021. The hemline of the skirts are creeping higher with necklines staying low.

Styling tips:

• Style it with a relaxed crop top or a second skin top
• Keep your footwear square toed and extra strappy

Dig the Kicks

Unless you have been under a rock for the last few years you will know attitudes towards trainers have changed greatly, no longer are they seen as unsophisticated and to be worn only to the gym trainers give us a comfort passport what we ae defiantly appreciating. Team with your summer dress plays suit or even jazz up your office attire your feet will thank you.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Styling tips:
all styling rules are out the window! rock em with jeans, dresses skirts as long as you are comfortable and having fun you will be smashing those trends 

I hope you have found my styling type helpful there is no reason why fashion shouldn't be fun and attainable and mot importantly leave you feeling fabulous.

please share your fave summer trend in the comments.

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