Autumn/Winter Season Must Have Essentials Survival Kit

 The Cold of the winter, is followed by the warmth of spring, which is followed by the heat of the summer and then comes the chill in the air that signifies autumn is officially here and I for one is already noticing the effect from the weather change on my well-being.

Between lack of sunlight (Vitamin D) and the colder weather, my energy levels go lower than usual, so getting up in the morning is absolute torture, and after work as soon as I get through the front door I'm in a straight into a hot bath, warm jimjams and my bed.

So I suffer from a condition called Lupus that also brings its own problems, some symptoms being stiff joints, muscle weakness, Raynauds phenomenon causing numb fingers and toes, basically I just want to curl up in bed with some snacks, an iPad and hibernate till spring.
Of course, becoming a hermit is not a viable option financially, mentally or physically but not to worry I have a few tips to share that will hopefully take some of the chill off all these woes.

AutumnWinter Season Must Have Essentials Survival Kit

Hot Beverages
Hot chocolate, English breakfast tea, green tea berry tea, Ribena you name it I will drink it – except coffee yuck!
Something is relaxing and comforting about hot drinks and what's not to love about that warm feeling you get in your tummy
My fave thing to do on a frosty morning is sip something toasty from a travel thermos while I wait for my car to warm up and I wake up slowly.

Oversized Cardigans
Comfy woolly over sized cardigans are my number one solution during cold snaps, especially in places when I am not in control of the heating like work or if I am going somewhere where the temperature will be changeable because you can easily take them off and put them back on when you need to plus they are a lot lighter than coats.

Nothing better than enjoying a warm scent on a cold night to help relax, or even better while soaking in a hot bath while downloading all of my thoughts and feelings from the day.

AutumnWinter Season Must Have Essentials Survival Kit

Even though often want to skip meeting up with friends I'm mindful not alienate myself from loved ones.  I try to think of creative activities to do with my friends to keep interesting at least once a fortnight 

Electric Blanket
This could very well be the reason I go straight to bed when I get in from work. What can I say I love the feeling of getting into a warm bed, no rubbing my feet together to generate heat for me?

AutumnWinter Season Must Have Essentials Survival Kit

Hot Baths
Slipping into a warm bath after a cold day… I'm not even going to go into it but feel free to check out some of my previous posts:

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