What do you gift a Spoonie? June Spoonie Box Unboxing and Review

Spoonie Box Review

I have always love surprises and receiving gifts, so Subscription boxes have always been right up, my ally. 

I am pretty sure I've tried the majority of them, Glossybox, Jolie Box Pinkparcel, believe me, I'm subscribed and unsubscribed, raved and recommended to loads! Lol

Recently when the owner of Spoonie box Kristina (Whos Instagram I have been stalking for some time now) offered to send me their June box to check out and possibly review, I was left with two feelings:

  1. Excited because I have wanted to check out out the Spoonie Box for some time now
  2. Guilty as not only did I want to try out the box for myself I wanted to support this fantastic brand by actually spending my money to support it, and not just get a freebie
 (Even though I love a freebie)

Before I go into a passionate review, let me get the obligatory disclosure out the way: "I have been given this product as part of a product review.

Although the product was a gift, all opinions remain my own, and the company in no way influenced me".

Spoonie Box Review: June

Now, if you don't know, I have a condition called Lupus which is an autoimmune disease where the body's immune system becomes overly active and attacks normal, healthy tissue.

The condition is chronic, ranges from mild to severe and can affect any part of the body - ie skin, joints, muscles, and even internal organs.

There are two main types of Lupus with Systemic lupus erythematosus being the most common and can affect many parts of a person's body, including the kidneys, heart, lungs, brain, blood and skin. While Discoid Lupus, on the other hand, only affects the skin.

Lupus UK estimates that around 50,000 people have Lupus in the UK.

Lupus symptoms can range from relatively mild to severe, and can include but are not limited to:

Skin rashes - some people with lupus experience a rash across their nose and cheeks, which is how the condition gets its name as Lupus is Latin for wolf, and the rash is said to look like a wolf's bite.

 Some people become sensitive to light and find rashes become worse when exposed to ultra-violet rays.

Swollen joints

Inflammation of tissues - including internal organs


Weight loss

Swollen glands

Poor circulation in fingers and toes

Muscle weakness

Lupus symptoms flare up when a person experiences a relapse and settles back down again when they're in remission however it's not yet known why this happens.

Find out more about Lupus 


Lupus is a chronic illness, and People with chronic diseases are often called "spoonies."

Having a chronic illness can feel like a full-time job, and I often joke that I need personal assistance to manage my medications and hospital appointments alone lol.

So, of course, any kind of pick me up is more than welcome, so when we found out there's a subscription box aimed at me and my fellow spoonies? I was overexcited!

Spoonie Box is tailored towards Spoonies and containes a variety of items aimed to cheer you up and help you take care of yourself while ill.

I can't describe how it felt to come home from my infusion appointment at the hospital to see a parcel at my that I wasn't expecting containing the June Spoonie box along with a letter from the founder Kristina 

and this month featured Spoonie Stela.

So who wants to see what I got?

Handwritten note: 

One of the unique things about this box was the handwritten note I received in it. Honestly, one of the coolest small businesses is the personal attention and care you get. Having the handwritten made me feel thought about and loved. 

Spoonie Box Unboxing

Within Thes Four Walls – Written By Instagram's Mindfully Evie

I have been reading a lot more since we have been unde lock and I am facing another three mothns stuck in the house so a good read is well appreciated 

Jealous Sweets Love bears

Vegan grizzly bear jelly sweets from Jealous Sweets, packed in the UK and made without any artificial colours or preservatives. The natural jelly bears have an intense fruity flavour and are gluten free

Abbrasions & Grazes Natural Bamboo Strip Bandages

Natural adhesive bandages for abrasions & Grazes, made from 100% organic bamboo fibre and completely free from any chemicals. Each strip is enriched with pure coconut oil to help repair and soothe minor abrasions. Hypoallergic and 100% biodegradable

Ouch Aches and Pains Body Cream

 Blended Therapies which is specially formulated with powerful essential oils to provide pain relief, stimulate blood flow ad calm the nerves perfect if you suffer from chronic pain or even if you get tight muscles after exercising.  

As you can see, everything in this box felt pretty much tailored to my tastes, especially my sweet tooth) It was lovely coming home to the Spoonie box and all of the special touches had the desired effect on me. 

 If the Spoonie Essentials Box seems like something you would like to try out, please check out their website: https://spoonie-box.com/

amd their instagram https://www.instagram.com/spoonie_box/

What products would you select to make a Spoonie feel loved?

Please comment below 

And of course Instagram


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