What Crystals Can Help You Cope With Anxiety?


There is no doubt that levels of anxiety are higher amongst most of the world’s population at the moment. This is perfectly understandable as one of the most common triggers for anxiety and panic attack is a feeling of being unable to control your environment. However, there is a mild worry, and there is the debilitating misery of a full-blown anxiety disorder. If you are looking for natural ways to manage this kind of mental health condition, it is definitely worth considering the benefits of crystal therapies and healing. 

Crystals and gemstones, minerals and rocks all carry their own particular resonance or energy, often described as their vibration. Some are intensely powerful and will even make your fingers tingle when you hold them for a while. Others have a much more soothing, gentle vibration bringing a sense of calm and safety when carried or worn as jewellery. Let’s take a look at three crystals that are well known for their therapeutic effects on the anxious or depressed mind. 

Crystals and minerals of all kinds can be used for healing both body and mind. At the moment, we are coping with unprecedented changes in the way we live our lives, and many people are finding that their mental health is suffering as a result. There are things we can do to help us to nurture and take care of our own well-being, of course. We can try to make sure we eat healthy foods, take exercise and get enough rest. Self-care begins with self-love, and this particular state of mind seems to be incredibly difficult for some of us to achieve, particularly for women, who are naturally inclined to put other’s needs before their own, generally speaking. 

What Crystals Can Help You Cope With Anxiety

Using crystals to alleviate stress and improve your mood can be both enjoyable and beneficial, but how do you choose the right ones for you?

The first thing to consider is your own personal taste. There are so many crystals to choose from that you really do not need to buy a stone that does not appeal to you simply because of its properties.


Secondly, use a reference source such as a “Crystal Bible” either online or in print to help you to choose the right stones for your needs. 

Finally, trust your instincts and go for the crystals that “speak” to you because they will almost certainly be the ones that will be of the most benefit to you at any one time. 

Personally speaking I have found myself  drawn to Rose Quartz and Moonstone, or perhaps they are drawn to me as I have been gifted the stones on several occasions.

Rose Quartz Gift Set

Rose Quartz  

All the varieties of quartz make excellent healing stones, and rose quartz is especially useful for treating the symptoms of depression and anxiety. It is easy to obtain, inexpensive and comes in various depth of hue on the pink and red spectrum. 

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love, which is not to claim that it will bring the perfect love partner to you (although it may do if you incorporate it into a manifestation plan!) The vibration of love from this stone is nurturing and maternal in nature. It soothes, calms and reassures an anxious mind and is best used during meditation or breathwork sessions.

 Rose quartz is often made into pretty pendants and necklaces, so it is easy to keep a piece near to your heart at all times. Otherwise, choose tumbled or raw stones that appeal to you both aesthetically and on an emotional level. Healing the Heart Chakra is one of the common uses for this beautiful stone and if your anxiety or depression has its roots in a lack of self-belief or self-confidence performing a simple affirmation ritual with rose quartz every day should help enormously. Self-love is the most important form of love there is. Self-love or being “self-full” is the opposite of being selfish, and rose quartz can be a powerful ally as you work on giving yourself the best care you can. 

Caring for your Rose Quartz 

The richest pinks tend to fade more quickly in sunlight, so if you do choose a deep pink stone, be sure to keep it in a shady place. Cleanse it by placing in a bowl of clear water overnight, or hold it under clear running water. 

Labradorite gift set


This crystal occurs in shades of lilac and blue and is much prized for its ability to ease stress-related conditions and as an aid in lifting depression. You may find that you are drawn to the lighter shades of pinkish lavender or the deeper purples of this remarkable stone. Whichever one feels best to you at the time of choosing is the one your mind and body needs.

The vibration of Labradorite is a special and unique one that aids in the connection of the psyche to the physical body. It helps to uncover those parts of your innermost being that may need healing and carries a very spiritual vibration that can bring a secure connection to the higher realms. 

Labradorite can be used during a relaxation or meditation session to encourage a much deeper connection to your higher self. This, in turn, allows you to see where you may need to nurture and support yourself to reach a state of contentment. This is especially helpful to anyone suffering from low self-esteem, anxiety or loneliness.  

Caring for you Labradorite Crystal 

Care for your Labradorite crystals by cleansing them in clear running water. They also benefit from being placed close to Amethyst, which is a self-cleansing stone that clears other crystals of negative vibrations and energies. 

What Crystals Can Help You Cope With Anxiety  Moonstone


The creamy shades of moonstone remind us of the moon and the energies of the Divine Feminine. It is an excellent stone for women of all ages, especially those who are giving care and energy to others regularly. If you are the mother of young children, you may well be feeling depleted both mentally and physically at the moment, especially if you are trying to home school your children and still hold down your own job. Moonstone carries an energetic resonance of harmony, balance and regeneration. If you feel the need for a boost of energy, try carrying a piece of tumbled moonstone as a rubbing stone and taking a few moments to breathe, slow down and come back to your centre as you handle the crystal. 

Moonstone is also believed to be a natural stimulant to the hormonal and endocrine systems so is especially beneficial for balancing the menstrual cycle and bringing relief from PMT. If your mental state is affected by your hormones, moonstone can be a great comforter and ally at those times of the month. If you suffer from an overactive mind or tend towards anxiety and worry, try placing a piece under your pillow to bring restful sleep and helpful dreams. 

What Crystals Can Help You Cope With Anxiety Gifted Amethyst


Amethyst is one of the most healing crystals there is. It occurs in shades of purple that can range from the palest lavender to deep rich indigo, so you should have no difficulty in finding one that appeals to you. Like all varieties of Quartz, Amethyst has many healing properties for physical conditions, from headaches to skin rashes, but the most common uses for Amethyst are metaphysical in nature. It is a stone that brings a powerful sense of protection to the wearer, due to its ability to shield you from negative influences and vibrations. It will also shield you from the negativity of your own making if you consciously ask for its healing vibration to enter your third Eye and Throat chakras and bring you insight into your own behaviours and thoughts. This makes Amethyst a useful ally in your quest for self-love and well-being. 

The Romans firmly believed Amethyst to have anti-intoxicant powers and would drink from goblets studded with this stone to avoid becoming inebriated. In today’s world, Amethyst is a remarkable stone for bringing a sense of balance and proportion. It has a gentle yet powerful resonance that aligns you with you spiritual aspect and can bring contentment and reassurance when used in meditation and carried or worn as a protective talisman. 

Caring For Your Amethyst    

The natural vibration of Amethyst is a cleansing and clearing one, so you only need to run your crystal under clear water now and then to refresh it and keep it in good condition. Placing other crystals next to Amethyst is a good way of clearing lower vibration from the stones. 

What Crystals Can Help You Cope With Anxiety  Gifted Onyx


Onyx occurs in many colours, although the most commonly recognized is the black variety with white banding. It is a noble stone that has been revered throughout the ages as a talisman of protection for warriors and a stone of “seeing” for shamans. 

The dual nature of Onyx, as exemplified in the veining of different colours, means that Onyx is an intricate stone, revered and adored by some, and shunned as a stone of misfortune in other cultures. These days, Onyx is perhaps most useful as a stone of personal protection. Wear or carry Onyx when you need to keep your senses and instincts sharp, when faced with a potentially damaging or even dangerous situation and when you need to shield yourself from the negative words, thoughts and behaviour of others. Placed on your nightstand, it will help to keep nightmares at bay and alleviate fears associated with the dark.

Onyx is very beneficial if you are feeling depleted in any way, whether through a demanding work schedule or intense physical training program. It also helps one to recover strength after a prolonged illness, or if you have depleted your emotional resources through an excess of giving to others. Onyx will help you to recoup your energies and realize that you need to fill your own cup before you try to give to others. You cannot serve others from an empty vessel! 

Onyx will also bring you much-needed stamina if you feel overwhelmed by the current situation. It calms the mind, dissipates unnecessary thoughts, boosts self-confidence and allows you to feel grounded and safe in the world. Use it on your Base chakra to strengthen your connection to the stability and protective nature of Mother Earth’s energies.  

How to Care for Your Onyx 

Onyx is porous and absorbs liquids quite easily, so avoid soaking the stone in liquids of any kind, including water. Never use abrasive or harsh chemicals on any crystal, especially porous ones like Onyx. Salt should not be used to clean Onyx. Use a soft cloth moistened with a little water. 

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