Quick tips for looking after your hair while on lockdown:

Now that we’re under lockdown, our entire routine has changed, including our hair.
We have adopted the new norm of doing everything from the comfort of our home. We are working from home, home-schooling our kids, making quarantinis at home and so much more. Depending on where you are, the lockdown may have given you less time to care for your hair. As well as, less motivation to maintain the health of your hair. We’re here to give you 4 tips on how to look after the health of your hair during the lockdown:

Satin sleep cap

Wear Your Satin Cap 24/7 -

As a naturalista, I’m sure you’ve always wanted to wear your satin cap all the time. And the opportunity has finally presented itself. While you attend these zoom meetings or skype calls, rock your satin cap. These meeting usually have no video so no one will see you in your night/loungewear with your hair covered up. You can consider your satin cap a protective as well. There is no manipulation to comb or style your curls. Your hair will stay protected from your hands, the environment and excess product while it’s under the cap.

 Stretch Your Hairstyles -
The lockdown has us going nowhere daily. The furthest you may go to is your living room or mini office to start work or school, respectively. Also, you may head out to the supermarket occasionally. Then, this is a perfect time to stretch your hairstyles as it is not interacting with the environment. If you do a twist-out, try to see how long it lasts. If it says in a pineapple or under your satin cap, truth is it’s going to last more than 7 days. What does this mean for you? Less time

Scalp massager

Massage Your Scalp Daily 
During this quarantine, you can make it a goal to improve your hair’s growth rate. The best way to do this is by massaging your scalp nightly with a growth oil. You can use castor oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, amla oil, or coconut oil. As well as, mixing all the oils with your favourite essential oil for a powerful DIY growth oil. The oils are rich in minerals that can penetrate the hair follicles to encourage it to grow “more hair”. Also, massaging the scalp improves blood circulation to the scalp. The blood is the transport system of our body as it provides the various organs with the minerals needed. Therefore, it will provide the scalp follicles with what it needs to grow healthy hair.

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This lockdown has caused us to change up our hair routine a little. You may have taken out a step or added a new one. Regardless, you should remember your end goal which is to have healthy hair. Hence, do not lose sight of it as we all go through this rocky, unusual and abnormal period.

 What other ways are you caring for your natural hair during COVID? 

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