How To Make Life Easier and More Organised With An Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa making life easier

In quarantine, no doubt that technology is our best friend. It is difficult to live under lockdown. So in this difficult time Alexa is your helping hand. Amazon Alexa has some very unique and different features for its Echo speaker to help you to better adjust in this quarantine.

Life has become boring because we are not going outside to meet anyone. But technology always proves our best companions. You can video chat with your family while feeling alone, can learn skills of music and art by online classes. Similarly, Amazon is also helping to better organized and maybe even keep your company working in this lockdown.

For its Echo speaker, Amazon Alexa has released its amazing features to maintain a balance in life. Amazon digital assistant is full of amazing features that help in our daily life.

Work from home, Stay at home

To help you to be on track in this unusual routine of quarantine, Alexa has two routine modes for you. When you open the app of Alexa, you will see three horizontal lines. You need to click on them to enable these features. Then you need to scroll down to click “Featured”. You will see “work from home” and “stay at home” routines at the bottom.


These routine features of Alexa remind you that it’s time to eat, study, work, start and end your day. 

Alexa has the singing feature that helps you in time management during the washing of hands. You can ask Alexa to sing for 20 seconds when you are at the sink. It’s also a fun way when voice assistant on Alexa will sing for you while washing hands.

Questions about Coronavirus

Now Alexa has the feature of answering all the questions regarding the coronavirus. You can ask general questions from Alexa like what should I do if I feel I have COVID-19? Alexa then confirms it by asking you different questions like your travel history and symptoms etc.

Mental health and mindfulness

Headspace and Meditation Timer is the mental wellness platform of Alexa that you can use to keep your mind active.  You have to say just, Alexa open “headspace” or “Open Meditation timer”.

There are also a lot of playlists that can help you to feel relax. Such as relax and meditate playlist is offered by the BBC sounds. Just ask Alexa to play Mindful music on BBC.

Reminders of home routines to ease daily chores

We are juggling many tasks while spending more time at home. We can control many household jobs like thermostat, opening doors, turning on and off the lights at a distance through our voice commands. You can ménage all these works on your smartphone with the help of Alexa.

Recipes and cooking

When your hands are not free then asking questions from Alexa is very useful in the kitchen. You are free to ask Alexa to read the recipe step by step and can also ask some instructions about the recipes while cooking. For example, you say, Alexa, How to make rice recipes? What should be added next to this ingredient in some recipes?

Amazon Echo shows 8 is more useful in the kitchen because it has a large screen and you can see each step of the recipe while cooking with ease.

Engaging with Kids

In this lockdown, children are spending their all the time at home and it can be time-intensive. So Alexa is here that can help you out. Kids find it amazing to talk to Alexa. Alexa can read the stories for your children at bedtime. It can also help them with studying stuff. For example, you can ask Alexa, how does the water cycle works? Alexa how to spell laptop?

Indoor Workouts and Exercise

In this lockdown, it has become difficult to keep fit. But Alexa can help you by encouragement and also help you by giving workout routines. Alexa has some work out features which you can ask Alexa to open. You can also ask Alexa to play a motivational song for you.

Entertainment, Games and quizzes

Alexa is just amazing with a lot of quizzes and games on it. You just have to say, Alexa, start songs quiz. Alexa, start true and false games. You can also check multiplayer games from the games list of the Alexa App.

Learn a new language

Are you feeling bored in this lockdown? And you have a lot of free time? Then learning a new language can be a great hobby. You can easily learn that from Alexa. Just ask, Alexa how do you say mango in French? This would be entertaining and a great learning experience.

Music, radio and podcasts

Alexa is very helpful in playing the music but you should make sure to use all the available options of audio.  You can listen to radio and podcasts through many services like BBC sounds which is one of the easiest ways to keep you informed.

How to sync Alexa with Your Smartphone

It’s an easy way to connect Alexa with our mobile phones. Here are some steps to sync Alexa with android phones.

Install Amazon Alexa App

You can download Amazon Alexa app from the app store on your android phones.

Open the Amazon Alexa App

Press the Alexa button

You need to allow some permission at the start of using this app. To access Amazon Alexa on your device, you need to allow it by click on it.  Then click on done to start using Alexa. When the blue bar appears on the screen at the bottom, you can say a phrase to Alexa.

Now everything is ok. You can use the Alexa by just a simple click on the app.


How to sync Alexa with Smartphone 

Our lives have gradually become busier. You are always bouncing between family meetings, doctors’ appointments, or parties. Alexa has made life easy by keeping everything on track. Amazon has proved helpful by connecting it with your phone calendar. You just need to sync your account, and then everything will be easy.

Tracking of Calendar by Alexa

Alexa can help you to remind you of the things that you have planned for your day. You just need to connect your phone calendar to Alexa which is an easy process.  Here we have explained simple steps of how to sync your mobile calendar with Amazon Alexa.

1.       Firstly, unlock or open the Alexa app on your phone.

2.       In the upper left corner, you will three horizontal lines on the screen. Click on that overflow button.

3.       Click on the setting to open it.

4.       In the next step, click on the calendar.

5.       Click on Type of account if you wish to sync with Alexa.

6.       Click on the Link your calendar account.

7.       Then, click on the account which you wish to link with Alexa.

8.       In the lower right corner, click on the allow button to continue.

That’s all set. Now you can say to Alexa, Alexa adds the event of lunch to my calendar for 1 pm on Monday or anything else. How amazing Alexa is? Isn't it?

The Best Alexa Smart home devices

Alexa can control a vast variety of devices from house doors to smart plugs and lights. Just imagine that you came home at night, have grocery bags in your hands. To open the door, you need to put the bags down on the floor, unlock and open the Alexa app on your phone, search out the controls of light and doors, to open the door and turn the lights on if you have installed smart lights and doors at home.

But with the help of Alexa and Amazon Echo, you just have to say, Alexa, Turn on the lights of the garage, Alexa, open the door of the garage without putting the bags on the floor. It is convenient to use, you can fix this device anywhere in your home. Here are some of the best devices lists for Alexa

Plugs for Alexa

It is relatively easy to track and reliable to use. Tracking is a feature found on most expensive smart plugs. Based on the time of the day, you can set a time table to go on and off. You can control various electronic devices such as lamps, fans, or whatever you want.

There is another more advanced plug, Smart wifi outdoor plug, which operates at a range of temperature -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. By using the sound of your voice, you can control it independently.

Light bulbs for Alexa

The best and the perfect light bulb for Alexa is the Yeelight Smart LED color bulb. This light bulb provides you various facilities. You can dim the light, on and off the lights, or even change the color of the bulb. The amazing feature of this bulb is that it does not require any hub; you can easily connect it with your Amazon Alexa device.

Another bulb, Eufy Lumos Smart Color Bulb can also connect with Alexa. Unlike Yeelight, it does have Away mode which is count as a special feature of this bulb.

Light switches for Alexa

If you are looking for a strong lighting system, then the WiFi Smart Wall Light Switch, which is Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, app and voice controlled with a touch tempered glass panel, woulddefinatly be a stylish option and a highly recommended switch. With the sound of your voice, you can turn on or off the light in your entire home or your room. For example, you are ready to watch a movie on your TV launch, you just have to say, Alexa, turn off all the lights of the TV launch.

Home security cameras for Alexa

It is perfect to use to arm and disarm the cameras when you exit or enter your home. Besides, you can also monitor it to allow the specific views of your particular room through the Echo spot.

You can call live feeds from various devices in your house with the help of Wansview WiFi IP Camera, 1080P Wireless Home Security Camera Q5 for Baby, Elder, Pet Camera Monitor with Motion Detection 2-Way Audio Night Vision Pan Tilt Zoom that also works with Fire Tv, Echo Spot, and Echo Show.

Smart door locks for Alexa

To get enter in your home without keys

 ZKTECO DL30B Keypad Lock smart  Digital Lock, 

is an amazing door lock for Alexa. At bedtime, you can check the door locks with the help of just your voice. There’s include a handy keypad that is perfect for guest and it is easy to use.

Doorbell cameras for Alexa

Ring Video Doorbell is the best doorbell camera that can connect with the Alexa. We can enable notifications or can set up morning routines with the Alexa App.

I hope my tips will help you to utilize your Amazon Alexa if you already have one, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below

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