Yoni Steam Benefits

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Benefits Yoni Steam

           Yoni steaming is an age-old practice that uses steam infused
with herbs and medicinal plants to restore and heal the vagina.
 In in my case has been recently made popular by reality tv shows such as Housewives of Atlanta, 
Love and Hip Hop of course YouTube and has even been endorsed by celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow. 

This process said to help in the detoxification and improve the health of the reproductive tract so that you can have a happier and
healthier cycle. 

Yoni steam has been practised for centuries in different
cultures, and it is a gentle and effective way to improve the menstrual cycle
and promote fertility.

How Does Yoni Steaming Work?
Women shed their uterine lining every month as menses, and
this allows the uterus to prepare for ovulation and implantation. Sometimes
this uterine lining is inefficiently shed, which results in a build-up of
endometrial tissue and blood in the womb. This build-up tissue encrusts over
time, forcing the uterus and pelvic muscles to contract forcefully in an
attempt to expel the tissues from the body. This results in painful cramps,
fatigue and pain during our periods, and we all know how uncomfortable it can
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Yoni steam is terrific to relieve these symptoms, and the
heat soothes the vulva and exposes the labial membranes to the medicinal plant
and herb extracts.  These beneficial
extracts reach the uterus via the bloodstream and act to gently cleanse the
built-up lining. This process dramatically reduces cramps and pain during
periods and helps in implantation if you are trying to get pregnant.

As someone that has always suffered from painful periods I was
more than eager to explore the many benfits of Yoni steaming which include 

Reduction of the unpleasant symptoms associated with periods, including cramps and pain
Reduce the menstrual flow and decreases blood clots that cause discomfort to many women
The potent plant extracts regulate the cycle and help to resolve irregular periods
The steam improves fertility by aiding implantation of the egg
The soothing herbs help the reproductive system to heal and recover after giving birth
It helps to restore the vagina and heals vaginal tears or episiotomies
It is proven to soothe and relieve the pain associated with haemorrhoids
The steam is beneficial for chronic vaginal infections, and it helps to clear the disease while reducing pain
Relieves vaginal dryness or discomfort that may be associated with menopause, and aids to increase the natural lubrication
Aids in detoxification by cleansing the uterus and ridding the body of harmful toxins

How can you do it at home?
Yoni steaming is a very simple process, and with the right tools, you can easily do it at home! 
Packet of Yoni steam

I found these amazing Yoni Steam Packs on amazon which are basically like little tea bags and have 100% Natural Steam Herbs Ingredients: Formulated with motherwort, rosemary, mugwort, lavender, calendula, rose petals, albizia, oregano, basil, aloe vera. The steam of this natural organic blend helps women clean and rejuvenate vaginal areas balanced and comfort. 
Telling Tricks on how to do this

   Your ready to get steaming!
Start by boiling some water and pour into a large pot or heat proof container add the Yoni Steam Pack and allow to cool down  slightly before transferring the liquid to the  Bidet which should already be placed over the toilet. Sit over the steam for 30 minutes with a towel around your waist, and allow the steam to work its magic in this time you should mind, meditate and think about your intentions.
My thoughts on the Yoni Steam
I found the Yoni steaming to be quite nice, of course I was very carefully to avoid making any sudden or jerky moved which could result in scolding down there.
 The instructions said that that after a steam, you should get into bed with blankets, or a warm bath, and then fall asleep, so the magic of the herbs can work their way into your soul overnight for optimal healing and results. I indulged myself with a hot bath and then it was off to bed and the land of nod for me.
It's too early to tell if my the yoni steam has made any difference to my menstrual cycle but I will be happy for any kind of positive change I can get.  In regards to my previous promise to practice self-love and be kinder to myself, doing the Yoni steam was far from a waste of time and I will defiantly be adding it to my regular routine. What’s not to like about a dry bath for half an hour, and dedicating some though and time to an important part of my body that frankly doesn’t get it enough lol!

Have you ever heard of a Yoni steam and would you consider doing one?
Please comment below with your answers 

Lee-Anne x 

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Sophie said...

I've heard so much about this over the years but the thought of doing it myself has always been a little scary. Knowing my luck I'd end up burning myself...x


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