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Lupus- also known as the invisible illness- is not an easy disease to live with. In this pandemic, it is even more insufferable. 
People with this disease are more susceptible to the coronavirus as compared to other people- not only because of the disease itself but also as a result of the medications taken to control it. 
That means even more precautions. At times like this, self-quarantine is a must for those suffering from lupus.


Your health is more important than going out can ever be. 
Stay at home, stay safe.
But as you may have figured by now, self quarantining is not as easy as it sounds. Even for people who would rather stay at home, it is absolutely maddening.
Lupus may not be overly lethal for your physical health, but in this pandemic, it can be harmful to your mental one. Stress is a trigger of flares, and the coronavirus is certainly not helping with that. 
Staying cooped up at home, unable to go outside, or have company all the while dealing with lupus is very distressful and frustrating. But we don't want that. Stress just makes things worst and ensures the continuity of the flares.


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There’s no anti-stress like good company. You can’t meet up with people- but that doesn’t mean going through this hard time alone. 
For me, there is nothing better than a fun call or chat session with a friend to relive the stress,  you deserve to relax and have fun. 
Arrange virtual get together with friends and family. Get in touch with all the people you’ve been meaning to contact but haven’t had the time to. 
Play online games with friends. 
Social distancing doesn’t mean being alone. 


We are all aware of the situation the world’s in, but hearing about it again and again- having it pop up on ads- does nothing but increase anxiety and stress, so take a break from all this; limit your news watching time, try to avoid looking it up. 
If you can’t do that, instead of looking at how many people are dying, look at the number of people still fighting for their lives. 
As long as everyone keeps fighting, there’s more positive than negative in the world. It is a crucial concern, but that doesn’t mean we have to worry about it all the time.

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Do some reading. Draw something. Write. 
Just do what you like to do, what motivates you the most.
 There might be a productivity block on you, but try to get over it. 
There is nothing better than doing what you love and if  you don’t want to keep up with your original hobbies, look for something new.
 Trying out something new can be quite refreshing.

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Think positive. Know that there are others around the world that are just like you- people who are going through the same problems, feeling the same frustration. 
This helps a lot. Connect with people like you, join groups, and discussion forums. 
Vent it all out. 
This situation is only temporary- you just need to keep fighting, keep hoping. 
If you are feeling caged, get some fresh air. You can still go to your balcony or roof- even opening the window helps. 
Exercise. Just a little. Take a walk around the room,
 jog on the spot- it helps clear the mind.

Don’t let these hard times get the best of you. Among other things, a stress-less state of mind helps with the lupus flares.

What is something you have done to stay motivated during self isolation?
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