9 ways to Help stop you from Becoming Overwhelmed By The CoronaVirus News

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Corona Virus News

Watching the news can have its ups and downs; of course, it’s lovely to be informed about what’s going on in the world But more often than not it seems to be heaving with fear, sadness, and despair—and that’s on a normal day, let alone when we’re dealing with a global crisis. If you want to stay informed but are feeling anxious about watching/reading the news, here’s what you can do.

Telling people to reset notification of mobile

Reset your phone notifications
Go straight into the settings on your phone and look over the apps you allow to notify you. If you’re especially stressed, remove notifications from any of the news apps you subscribe to and keep the information you do grant to a minimum. You can also turn off email, Slack, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook notifications to help keep overwhelmed at bay.

Find alternatives
If you’re watching the news every day, think about the reason you do it and how beneficial is it to you or wellbeing?
Of course, staying up to date with the developments is essential, but so is your mental health, especially if you are riding out this situation alone.

Perhaps take a look at media outlets you are following and stop listening to the ones that are reporting fake new or overly dramatic.
Remember You don’t have to be continuously tuned in to what’s happening to be informed.

Magazine in one the table

 Reach for a magazine
Magazines remember them? Photography, makeup, fashion, yoga, cooking—there are hundreds of magazines for every single hobby, DIY, Fashion, Home interiors, beauty and celeb gossip. The perfect way to get some entertainment and learn some new things, and stay up to date with current events having to know death tolls and other things that might lower your energy. Kindle currently offers many free magazines, or you could simply grab an old one from your stash.

Try to focus on good news only
I have always said that this situation will bring the best and the worst out of us and at the moment so many people are showing us the best of humanity. 
All of the NHS staff who are working hard to get us through this pandemic. 
All of the kind people and charities who are going over and above to help variable people. 

When I look back on this situation, there are some of the things i will choose to remember. 

Bang out an audiobook
At the moment fave thing to do id to listen to an audiobook, at the moment I am currently listening to Roots by Alex Haley
And before that I listened to the following books on Youtube:

Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp read by Gypsy Shay Dinero
The Coldest Winter Ever read by MsWittyReadz

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 Listen to new music
Check out new music from your favourite artists (or even artists you’ve never even listened to). A lot of artists and bands are still releasing new music, and it’s another way to stay involved so You will still have something to talk about with your friends, and it’s great to pass the time. Currently, I am listening to old school hip hop and R&B music

 Start a movie marathon
Pick a movie franchise ( Game of Thrones, Marvel, Twilight or Star Wars- the list is endless) and have a marathon! 
Getting started on a movie marathon is similar to binge-watching a television show, and it gets you focused on something else for an extended period. 

 Binge-watch something random on YouTube

I have a theory that you can learn anything on Youtube which is great for the hundreds of tutorial videos from which you can learn a plethora of skills from fixing a washing machine, making an adjustment to an Ikea desk, so the draw opens wider (I did that)
There are also some great videos where you can learn some random and sometimes useless information,
Here are a few
The Graham Stephan Show: Candid talks and reaction videos about money, business, and finance-related topics without
Beauty Within: Beauty Within explores the world of skincare, beauty and wellness.
Luxury beauty hauls –Cassie Thorpe
Luxury Hauls - JerushaCouture one of the original members of YouTube’s most fabulous community. The luxury community

 Write letters
Remember how you felt when you were younger, and someone sent you a letter? Of late I have started writing to my youngest nephew (The older one is not interested at all lol teenagers)
Every now and then I have been sending a little note telling him how much I miss him along with something small like a gaming magazine, some Pokémon cards or other random bits and pieces that ate not too expensive.
I also sent out some pampering goodies to my Auntie Di and a friend that I won’t mention in case she still hasn’t received it.
Both my aunt and my nephew sounded really happy when they called to say thank you.
Currently, for a small fee, Hermes will come to your house to collect parcels Which have also allowed me to sell on eBay while I’m trapped in the flat

What have you been doing to take your mind off what is happening at the moment?
Please comment below

Lee-Anne x 

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Ellis James Designs said...

Great tips on taking a breather while indoors! Hard not to go mad with this, well, madness. Cheers for this post!

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