Quarantine Catch Up and Quarantine Care Kit Giveaway

47 days Quarantine,( as I am a Lupus warrior I opted to self-isolate and work from home a couple weeks before the quarantine was imposed and everybody went crazy for toilet paper)

Slowly I'm finding that quarantine life is becoming my new normal, for now. I am defiantly  
starting to feel a lot more settled than when the pandemic hit perhaps but I guess that's natural as is has been over six weeks

Despite my seeming to adapt to this crazy situation, I am and have been feeling so many things! Anxiety, fatigue, optimism, surges of motivation followed by periods of motivation, and of course loneliness to name a few

As a self-confessed introvert, I have always enjoyed my own company, however, living alone during a quarantine means that I no longer don't even the option of being around my friends of. Loved ones, facetime, phone calls, House party' s (The app of course), zoom met ups, waving through the window and having shopping left for me in my Lift have had to surface.

I am ashamed to admit that even though I am missing out on the face to face contact virtually I a lot more social than ever having friends and family members check in on me and in turn me checking in on them. For so long I was in the habit of coming home food and bed and catching up on my rest at the weekend and then when you add Fatigue Hospital appointment, GP appointments and Lupus flares we have a very antisocial Lee-Anne.
At the moment Factimeing my cousins 2-year-old son and having a chat and with my nephew have become two of the highlights of my day I have also been having cooking lessons with my Step-day and finally learned how to make steak (I never made steak before because he would always do it for me)

So much for my travel 2020 at the, I had promised myself that this year I was going to seize the day and see some more of this big old world, so far I have missed out on:
Denmark for a party Paris for shopping and sightseeing city break and cousin holiday which is absolutely pants however I will be able to rebook everything except my Denmark trip once all this craziness is over.

Luckily work has been keeping me busy as well as continuing to keep my mortgage and my bills paid. However, this whole situation has had me seriously considering my finance long term, and motivated me to devote time and finances to pay off my credit cards, catalogue and other outstanding debt to make my outgoings as small.
 One thing about being confined to the house is that I am spending a lot less on petrol, socialising and miscellaneous expenses and I have thought the urge to quarantine shop online by diverting unspent funds to my debts. I also had a mammoth clean out session and a now selling loads of clothing, shoes, makeup and brick-a-brack the majority of which is brand in my eBay shop (Thank god Hermes does collections) the proceeds of which I have also been using to pay off my debts.

If you would like to catch a bargain, you can check it out here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/inside_a_shopaholics_closet/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=

Until my oven conked out, I discovered a love of cooking and was enjoying trying new as well as tried and tested recipes that I had learned from my mother, being mindful that I had already piled on a few pounds being stuck in the house. My flat is now a snack and fizzy drink free zone, and water, Fruit, veg and herbal teas have slowly become my go-to snacks habits that I hope stick when I can regularly shop for myself again.

Slowly but surely my flat is coming along of late fortunatly my entertainment centre completed before the quarantine so I have been mainly focusing on my office/beauty room/spare room, which is actually where I have been spending most of my time. I like to think than when I am in there I am at work. At 5.30pm I can leave work sort out my dinner and then relax for the evening (Can't beat the commute right?) I have often thought about all that I went through and the time it took to save for my deposit and get my mortgage, and I am so thankful that I did it.
My beauty regime had had a massive change, I haven't worn makeup in it seems like forever and I have been ramping up my skincare in the hopes that I won't need to when I am out and about again (A girl can only dream right). Already I have had compliments during some of my recent facetime calls I will write a post about my Quarantine beauty regime and the products that I am currently using shortly promise.

This is random, but I really miss driving! I never realised how much until I had to take myself to a King's College Hospital for my monthly Belimumab and got really excited! I had my sunglasses and my mask on and rocked out to my driving tunes. I can't explain how good it felt, can't wait for my appointment next month. I never thought I would say that!
I guess there is a lot of things to miss right now and We all have a very long list, some things important, some petty… and everything in between lol

Apologies if this post seems a bit scatty, but that is where my head has been of late, and I didn't want to keep waiting to post.

As an apology for not posting in some time and (More posts to come promise) and a thank you to a lucky reader; I will be giving away a Super and very pink quarantine care kit which includes the following fab products which I also have and found they have helped me enormously through these trying times.

The Quarantine Care Kit includes the following:

Illuminating holographic sheet mask - Chok chok
Dr.PAWPAW Outrageous Orange Balm - Dr.PAWPAW
Glow babies kit - Glow Recipe as featured here https://www.wotshernameagain.com/2020/02/glow-recpie-cult-beauty.html
Grapefruit infused sheet mask
Dragon's blood lip mask - Rodial
Week planner desk pad
Charcoal foot mask – Mooi

To enter my giveaway, you just need to be following me on Instagram and comment below or on my Instagram post one thing you have been doing to lift your spirits while you have been housebound and what you are looking forward to doing when quarantine is over.
A winner will be selected on Wednesday 29th April 2020

I hope you're being safe, taking care of yourseve and most importantly being kind to yourselves in the best ways you can.

Lee-Anne x 

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Cherry Living said...

Aw, I'm glad you're able to cope with the quarantine life. It's definitely hard though when you have the travel bug, hope you can make it!! ❤️

I've been spending much time in the kitchen too haha. Kinda a therapy.

Stay safe x

Maria | https://cherryliving.wordpress.com/

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