Dionysus GG Supreme Chain Wallet Unboxing And Review

A few months ago while attending a Glow Recipe pop up shop we decided that as we were in central London, we would pop into EL&N for a lovely lunch and of course, I gravitated myself into Gucci, and the following happened…
For some reason, after making this purchase, I was filled with a great deal of buyer's remorse, not that I didn't want it or couldn't afford it at the time. 

Perhaps it was a warning of what was to come who knows anyways this baby has been sitting in the original packaging since it brought it home from the Gucci shop.
If you haven't figured it out from the blog title I purchased the Gucci Wallet on a Chain which set me back around £879 (I think) but I have literally wanted this bag for ages! And I promised myself that I was going to be kind to myself this year I deserve it right?

Product details from the Gucci Website:
Style ‎401231 KHNSN 8642 
A structured GG Supreme canvas chain wallet with our textured tiger head spur closure.
 Beige/ebony GG Supreme canvas, a material with low environmental impact
Antiqued silver-toned hardware
 Tiger head spur
 Hand-stitched details
16 card slots and two bill compartments
Three separate interior compartments
·       Zip coin pocket
Chain shoulder strap with 60cm drop
Snap closure
Weight: .412kg approximately
W20cm x H13cm x D6cm
Taupe leather lining
 Made in Italy

I simply wanted something small and stylish that I can pop my phone, driving license and a few debit cards into when I am going for drinks with friends or even a date. I love that despite having the Gucci monogram all over it, this bag will work with several different outfits
The bag is structured and should not lose its shape, It does expand on the sides depending on how much you carry, but unlike like a soft leather purse it will not stretch out and become lumpy. The chain can be removed or tucked in to be used as a clutch, or you can leave it on and wear as a crossbody
The credit card slots allow you to skip having to also carry a wallet (there's 16 of them) and the zipper pouch is convenient.
I personally think that the Dionysus GG Supreme Canvas Wallet on a Chain is a style is a classic one that I could pull out a decade later and still carry since it's Gucci.

The price is steep since it is a designer item.
You can't get a lot inside. I imagine there will be times that I will wish that I was able to fit more stuff inside the bag, but I do have other bags that have more capacity. I specifically purchased the Dionysus GG Supreme Canvas Wallet on a Chain for days/night when you are out and don't need to lug around tons.

Ok so let's open it up.
EEK why am I so excited 

Of course this the original packing from the Gucci shop in Selfridges London.
I love that designer bags are wrapped so beautifully because it makes me feel like I was little getting gifts for my birthday or Christmas.

After seeing the bag for the first time in nearly three months, I still love it and can't wait until the quarantine is over so I can take it out on the town.
Why am I so excited about having this Gucci product?

It to me is a marker for my accomplishments in some form of way, a pat on my own back when I can reward myself with something I can use as a reminder, that all things are possible when we work hard and contribute to others well being in some form of way.

I'm sure it would be different for whoever you ask in accordance with the size and scale of your accomplishments. 

Have you treated your self to something extravagant and then had buyers remorse?
if so please share below in the comments

Best wishes to you all.

Lee-Anne x 

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Nancy said...

It is great that you treated yourself to a Gucci chain wallet! I have been looking for something that size for a while but have been debating between LV and Gucci. I love the different features it has. Glad you love the purchase!! I usually have buyer's remorse on cheaper things, I find myself better off buying something more expensive @__@.

Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

Just Rae said...

I need more posts from you! Life is to live so what’s a Gucci or LV bag here or there ❤️ Well done and I look forward to our cocktail evening with you and your new bag ❤️

Sophie said...

I can't believe you've left it sat in the original packaging for that long! I think I'd have at least taken it on a date to the supermarket or something by now to say I'd used it! It's a shame you got buyer's remorse when you'd wanted it for so long. I hope you get some use out of it soon x


Charity said...

Oh I love having a smaller purse like this when I am out shopping!

Single Mom Chapters said...

Wow the packaging is really good �� I love bags like these

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