10 Things I Plan To Do When Self Isolation Is Over

I don't know about you guys but for me, cabin fever defiantly kicking in. I'm constantly switching between struggling to get motivated to do anything too suddenly sunning around looking for anything to organise, upcycle or cook. Defiantly I'm sleeping a more than I usually do (If that is possible) and it is getting harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel especially since I will have to quarantine a further 12 weeks after this madness is over. Knowing that I am not the only ones this situation does help a little bit as We're all staying at home, crawling up the walls and finding something and anything to do to keep ourselves occupied. Whether it be re-grouting the tiles in the bathroom or organising photo's into photo albums.

The Things I Plan To Do When All This Is Over

Remember everybody to get these privileges back 

See my friends and family 

The day I'll be able to see touch and hug my family and friends again will most likely be an emotional one. I haven't seen my Grandmother since January as she lives in the west country; even though I speak to her every day, I will defiantly be going up to spend a weekend with her as soon as I can.

Go for long walks

Even though the lockdown has allowed one hour for exercise, due to me being high risk for the virus because of Lupus, I have to limit my outdoor activity and as I don't have a garden other than the times I have sneaked to the park (When I wake up early enough) going down to the letterbox doubles up at the highlight of my day
I so look forward to the day I can walk in the park, or even walk to the Tesco's across the road.
After this is all over, I vow never to take going outside for granted ever again.

Get a massage

My back has been feeling crazy, and I know I am carrying mad tension in my shoulders, can’t wait to get it all massaged away 

Get the f##k out of the UK
I have already had to cancel three trips! Soon as I can, I'm going to get on a plane, and your girl is off whoosh!

Go Make-up shopping
I was starting to run out of everything! Before the lockdown so I can't wait to go to MAC and replenish my fave products

Go to the supermarket 
The thought of going to do a NORMAL weekly shop without being barged out of the way by panic buyers and worrying about not getting a food delivery slot will be the highlight of this year for everybody. No more panic buying toilet rolls, baked beans, pasta, rice, sugar, flour...
Ok, I could go on and on. But the feeling of being able to shop in the way that society has taught us to will be quite a freeing and uplifting experience. I'm sure the shop workers will look forward to it too.

Get my hair and nails done  

I had my hair braided just before the craziness started and they are currently looking crazy, thank god for headwraps

 Go drinking with my girlies
Once restaurants and bars are open Tequila Mocking bird is one of the first places I want to go with my homes!
Drinks on me chikas

Thank the NHS
Before all of this, I have always been eternally grateful for the NHS anyway with all the GP and Hospital, and GP appointments have to go to let alone the treatments it's possible that I wouldn't be alive or my quality of life would be unimaginable. All of the NHS staff are incredible and should rightly be labelled as heroes. After this is all over, we all owe indebted gratitude for the way they have looked after us. The night we clapped for them outside our houses on that Thursday night should happen every week. And I on the meantime will be looking into a way to regular fundraising to ensure that they always have what they need

Socialise with the opposite sex

I have always been blasé when it comes to interactions with members of the opposite sex, but I'm not getting any younger…

Of course, there are many other things that I'm looking forward to doing, but these are the ones that fill me with the most excitement at the moment.

What things are you looking forward to doing when the pandemic disappears?

Lee-Anne x 
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