Travel Essentials You Probably Haven't Considered


Double Wall Plastic Tumblers with Lid and Straw
 I learnt this tip when I first went to Cancun many moons ago, the cups on all-inclusive tend to be super tiny whereas these babies will cut down your trips to and from the bar, double insulation means that your drinks will stay cooler for longer, and you don’t have to worry about insects getting into your cocktail.

6 Socket Extension Wire
 People I travel with look at me like I am crazy when I pull this baby out guaranteed they will ask me if they can use it to charge one of their many devices. Its one of those things that nobody thinks of but to me it was a no brainer, since I only have to pack one travel adaptor, plus some hotel rooms have their power outlets in the strangest places the cord on the extension wire saves me from constantly having to move furniture or crawl under dressing tables every time I want to charge a different device. Plus of course, I have the option to charge a number of devices at once. 
This 6 Socket extension is ideal because you can individually switch each of the sockets on and off

Blanket with sleeves 
As much as I love this hack I only carry if space in my carry on allows as some airlines only let you carry on piece of onboard luggage, I  get very cold on flights and the little dingy blankets they give you aren't much help. This baby, however, keeps me warm from head to toe and keeps my hands free. It also comes in handy in the hotel room when I want to have a cheeky afternoon nap but doesn’t want to mess up the bed. Which just leaves me to fend off my travel companions who always want to share it with me

Beach Towel 
 yes they give you towels at the resort but I the idea of whipping my face with the towel after it has been on the sun lounger gives me the heebie-jeebies – which is why I bring a beach towel from home which is solely for laying on my beach chair, having bright colours can help to locate your sun lounger quickly. I have recently invested in some towel clips which I imagine will make their way into this list once I test them out.

I do quite like the look of the    

Beach Towel Sun Lounger Cover With Pockets
and the
in Hot pink (My fave colour) may have to invest for my upcoming holiday

I am notorious of overpacking my suitcase so this baby is a no brainer

Hotels never provide enough hangers so I make sure I travel with extra hangers to keep my cloths hanging neatly and crease free

What travel essentials can you not live with out?
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