5 Ways to Have a More Productive Weekend

t hardly seems fair we spend all week looking forward to our weekends and with a blink of an eye it time to go back to work. 
Making the most of these precious days can take effort, but by structuring the weekend more efficiently, you can get so much more out your free time 

Make the Most of Your Mornings
It is always lovely to have a lazy morning in which you can enjoy a lazy cup of tea in bed, while watching YouTube videos (guilty as charged), but don’t let your entire weekend morning slip away from you! Waking up the same time every day has been proven to be better for your sleep, so if your internal alarm clock naturally wakes you the best thing to do is get up and make use of the time. Get out of bed use and the time to prepare a lovely breakfast for yourself, and then make a list of the chores and errands you would like to achieve for the day, it will be satisfying as you tick them off 

Don’t Put Everything Off Until the Weekend
If you are a person that saves all of their chores for the weekend, those two days will quickly get swallowed up! However, if you tried breaking up some of your weekly duties throughout the week into bite-sized tasks. Then you will find that you have more time for more enriching activities  

You could also apply the principle to the fun commitments like t catching up with friends and loved ones which can easily take up the majority of your Saturday or Sunday, causing your weekend to feel frenetic. Why not try meeting friends for Thursday night cocktails when many restraints offer discounts such a 2-4-1 drinks restaurants are less crowded. 

Use Timers for Key Tasks
Stop putting off projects or hobbies because you think you need to devote the whole weekend to it? Try scheduling set times to start and complete tasks; you will be surprised at how productive you can be when you have a deadline. try setting two alarms — one to remind you to start your task and one 30 minutes to one hour later. That time will fly by, and once you build up momentum, you may not want to stop! For less desirable tasks such as cleaning the oven or ironing set a timer 30- 45 minutes and promise yourself and promise yourself that if you hard until the alarm you will reward yourself with a rest break for something fun and then come back to it the next day if need be.

Meal prep is another way to ensure you have a productive weekend, don’t be scared! It doesn’t have to mean hours of working away in the kitchen. Assign yourself one hour to chop, prep, grocery plan, and make snacks for the week. Again you are likely to be more productive with a clear deadline.

Don’t Check Out On Fridays 
Fridays are the best! However, it can be easy to check out after 3 pm, making it unlikely that you will adequately wrap up your week, allowing outstanding tasks trickle into the weekend.

Think of Friday afternoons as your weekend power hours! Before you duck out o the office, take some time to prep for Monday morning. Clean up your desk, leave yourself a to-do list for Monday morning. Productively concluding your Friday sets you up for a more productive weekend!

Weekend Work-Life Balance 
Nowadays, it is almost expected that we check in with work over the weekend. Whether it is responding to a cheeky email or making headway on that significant project with the looming deadline, unfortunately, some things can’t get done during 9-5. 
If this sounds familiar, try give your weekend work some structure. 
Set yourself a target of how much work you would like to get completed, set your timer and power through.

If your emails are coming in in floods, turn on your out of office informing colleagues that you intend to review emails at a set time, for example, 1-3 on Sunday afternoon and you will only check and respond to emails during that time.

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Lyv / www.LifeWithLyv.com said...

Such good tips!! Especially about setting timers for specific tasks! I may have to start doing that for my husband... LOL

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