4 Ways To Stay Productive At Work

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I think we can all agree that time to time we all find work a bit mundane.

Especially when doing repetitive tasks which during which it can become easy to get distracted and lose focus of the task hand. In these moments, defiantly useful to have a few tricks up your sleeve to snatch back your concentration and stay engaged with your job.

Staying focused on tasks is only one reason that people tend to want to increase their performance at work it may also be that they are going for a promotion and want to prove that can put the hours in to succeed in the role. Or it could simply be that work is piling up on your desk, and you need to find a way of being super organized and productive.
Whatever your reasons are for wanting to be more productive here are 4 tips that could help:

4 Ways To Stay Productive At Work

Take Regular Short Breaks
Ok at first this may seem counterproductive, but taking short breaks away from your screen or giving yourself well-earned break from a heavy project can actually, make you more productive.
Taking a break every one or two hours can be better for you than sitting and working intensely according to recent studies.
Standing up and moving around helps not only your body but your mind as it increases blood flow and sends more oxygen to the brain to keep it working at optimum levels. It will also reduce the risk of getting muscle aches and pains from being in the same position for hours.

4 Ways To Stay Productive At Work

Prioritize Tasks by Importance
There are times when you simply can’t do it all, having a crazy workload is never nice and can be a major source of workplace stress and of course procrastinating will only make the situation worse.
However, if you list your outstanding task some are likely more important our urgent than others. Which gives will allow you to prioritize them into manageable chunks giving you a clearer picture of what needs to be done by when.

4 Ways To Stay Productive At Work

Mute Your Inbox
This is a bit controversial an may not be for everyone but shutting down your email so you’re not checking it every 10 minutes or even worse seeing alerts pop up can do wonders for productivity. If you’re able to, try closing down your email and only check it at predefined intervals such as every hour or every 30 minutes (you can set up reminders). If you find that you are working on a task that may take a few hours you even could try turning on your out of office asking people to call if it’s urgent, shut down your email and let the creative juices flow (taking appropriate breaks of course).
So, there you have it, four tips to help you increase your performance at work and not get distracted. You’ll have your desk cleared in no time.

4 Ways To Stay Productive At Work

Utilize Outlooks calendar and reminders
To me, this seems like no brainer however many of my workmates feel like this is another task in itself.
Me on the other hand… real talk if it is not in my calendar it won’t get done.
Project deadlines
Reminder to have a break away from the screen
And lots more
I also send requests to my phone so it is in that calendar also

Please comment below what tips and tricks do you use to prioritise your workload?

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