2019 Decor To-Do List

It feels like for everything I have accomplished this year; there is a load of things I still have yet to do, especially within my Apartment.

Both Bathroom and Kitchen have yet to be renovated, plus I have yet to stumble upon a great sofa plus my Living room is still entertainment centre free.

With 80 days until 2020 (I cant believe it either), I had decided to pick four tasks which will take my Home closer to realising my dreams and which need to be completed before the New Year.

Of course with only 60 days to go, it would be seem impossible to plan and complete a bathroom or kitchen renovation with my current work schedule; however, I think the mentioned tasks are more realistic to complete within the time.

I’m more able now to vocalize my décor goals in more cohesive terms than just grey, that should be a big step in the right direction.

I’m favouring  towards a more modern Scandinavian feel, boasting lighter walls to emphasize the light, married with a neutral-heavy colour palette.

I want to somehow inject my personality into the space with statement pieces of furniture, ornaments and soft furnishings with some highlights of feminine colours, along with natural textures such as wood and stone.

I want to also compliment those pieces with fluffy rugs and soft window treatments to display and emphasize the contrast of elegantly minimalist and a homely yet feminine aesthetic, resulting in a functional and uncluttered yet homely and cosy environment.

Entertainment Centre

My Kitchen and living room is open plan and roomy. I am conscious not to take up space with too much furniture which in the past has resulted in many items not having a having a place to live, leaving the room with an unorganized feel.

I feel confident that having a built-in entertainment system with various shelves cupboards and perhaps drawers will provide a home for my bits and pieces without taking up too much floor space.

I am 100% sold on the idea I have yet to take the plunge, however, there are reasons for my procrastination as follows:

 *Choice: the more I look for inspiration, the more I change my mind, between Pinterest, Instagram and google the possibilities are endless!

 *Contractor: as I don’t have a man in the house I am some what intimidated at the aspect of selecting the right carpenter nor do I know where to find on, although I do have a few recommendations from friends, so it’s time to get on it.

New Sofa
When I moved into my new Home, I didn’t put much thought into my living room sofa other than I wanted them to be grey, then when Very had a black Friday sale, voila I had sofas, don’t get me wrong they look okay but are not particularly conducive now to a comfortable chilling experience for me, which is why I only use my living room when I have guests over.
My living room set up Christmas 2019

Ideally, I would like something big soft and comfortable what I can snuggle into with a cup of tea and my laptop on a Sunday afternoon

Preferably on a chaise or a corner sofa in grey of course 

On a few occasions I have ventured out to sofa stores and seen a few contenders but still, have yet to commit to a decision. 

If you have come upon anything similar, please comment below but please nothing with a pillow back 

Paint Job  
Every now and then I wake up inspired to wield a brush or a roller and attempt to perform DIY in the flat and while I am proud of myself for making an effort and always suffer afterwards (Thanks Lupus) I think it’s time to get a professional to work magic on my walls and white works. 
my colour of choice is
 Dulux Matt Emulsion Paint For Walls And Ceilings in Polished Pebble

Radiator Covers 
After years of the previous owners hanging clothes to dry on the radiators they are in an awful state and after an unsuccessful attempt to paint them, I think the best option is to hide them away behind some stylish radiator covers, so that’s not the biggest job to do.

I found these amazing AVC Designs Kensington Radiator Covers in various sizes on Amazon
guess its time to get my tape measure out

Get started in 2020 To-do list. 
I refuse to let another year go by with my bathroom and kitchen in the state that they and while it is unlikely that I will physically get anything done I can still gather all the relevant measurements, information and costings together in order to jump on it in 2020.

Love to have your thoughts in the comments below please.

Love Life |Love Health | Love Beauty| Love Creativity 

Lee-Anne x 

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