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After surviving 2018 I thought that I could honestly survive anything, what could feel worse than losing my best friend, hero and mentor who everyone else called Sandra or Jeanie but I called Mum.

Then there was the organising of the funeral along with the subsequent family squabbles which accompany the passing of a loved one (Apparently this is a bonified thing) let alone the family lynchpin

Picking up the pieces day to day being your own personal cheerleader encouraging yourself to smile, be optimistic, be social, be happy enjoy life it's ok it’s what she would have wanted!
Stay busy Work, are the boys ok? is Nana ok? Family dramas +Friends dramas none of which were my actual dramas yet I was right in the middle, got to be more social, shouldn’t I have a serious boyfriend by now, weight game, lupus flares, doctors’ appointments, GOD I need a holiday, I want a new car/lv bag/Gucci belt/ Rolex. I need to decorate my flat

When New Year’s eve came I was happy to say goodbye to 2018 and looked forward to opening a new chapter of my life

Still oblivious to the fact that I spent the better part of 2018 trying not to be stuck with my thoughts and deal with my feelings.
To be fair I honestly thought I had and was kind of proud of myself for getting through the tunnel facing what was on the other side.

I had no what was on the other side

Once it got quiet, the baby had gone, the house was sold, I wasn’t working so I had no demands on my time, I honestly didn’t feel like being around people and there is only so much YouTube and Netflix you can watch
Oh and the final season of Game Of Thrones had come and gone
No distractions
Just me and the realisation that the person who meant the most to me in the world was gone and she wasn’t coming back
Things would never be the same

Deep right

Frigging 2019 it wasn’t meant to be like this.
I didn’t set out with the aim of placing myself into social media isolation I just didn’t feel like posting

It’s been crazy five months which in some ways has contributed towards healing me and my anxiety, but in other ways almost broke me

But I’m still here right

In the entire process, I learned that while blogging at times be a tedious, stressful and lonely process wrapped in stress from self-imposed deadlines,  guilt when personal targets are not achieved.

Blogging has allowed me to be more creative, social and adventurous then I would normally be in my daily life.

New products new fashion, new looks,  new places,  new people
I have definably missed the blogging and will be back to my regular blogging schedule as of next week

Tons of new content coming soon guys

If you have a blog have you ever or how often do you think of letting it go?
let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Love Life |Love Health | Love Beauty| Love Creativity 

Lee-Anne x 

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