On Fridays We Tequila Mockingbird

Every have one of those Fridays when you just need a cheeky cocktail?
Well I was defiantly having one of those Fridays following one of those weeks. My ecommerce project was close to the completion date which of course means that everything that could go wrong was starting to go wrong!

Half with one hour until home time I realised that I had plans to meet up with by blogger friend Chloe of: Life Of Ci which turned my mood right around!

Sod excel sheets, skype chats with web developers and frantic calls to our tech team in Denmark your girl need to fix up herself to go out on the town tonight!

The location of my salvation was Tequila Mockingbird (get it? I didn’t realise until I was two porn star martini’s deep) never heard of it? Well the DMN award-winning chain of popular neighbourhood cocktail bars are the places to see and be seen in trendy London locations such as Putney, Tooting and Clapham, Tequila Mockingbird and now Brixton right around the corner from am and also right up my alley!
This super cute location just off acre lane is what my version of cheers would be like accept nobody knew my name the super cute venue has a jazzy d├ęcor which includes an eclectic mix of exotic prints, exposed brick and neon signs displaying iconic movie quotes.
“You can’t sit with us!”
Can you guess where that quote comes from?
Comment with your answer below

90’s hip hop, R&B pop and I think I may have heard bits of jungle and Garage thumping through the speakers can’t lie guys I had an amazing time! The atmosphere was chill but at the same time buzzing and the other attendees all seemed to be having a good time.
Did I mention it was  2 four 1 cocktails until 9pm
well lets discuss the cocktails then
Of course cocktails are the main event, and with such a plethora of creative mixes and classic favourites on offer; it would be rude if we didn’t try a few out.
To ease in I had to go for my all-time fave the porn star martin of course but Tequila had some serious contenders to my old faithful tipple
Shout outs to the Caribbean Sailor and the Bramble
Also check out their signature Mockingbird punch which comes served in a flaming Tiki mug,

Of course you don’t have to be a part-time cocktail drinking lush like me to enjoy Tequila Mockingbirds awesome atmosphere 

Tequila Mockingbird will also cater to those seeking refreshment which are not of the colourful fruity variety, boasting an extensive range of beers, wines and spirits as well as a selection nibbles 

Luckily I was with my friend and not on a date because the wings was so lovely I couldn’t even eat them in a lady like fashion lol
I foresee that Tequila Mocking bird will be the venue for many of my girls nights out and maybe a few dates.
If you fancy trying it out please do so. 

is located at  64-68 Atlantic Road, Brixton, London, SW9 8PY
And open till 12am Monday to Thursday and 2am on Fridays and Saturdays


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