Koelf Hydro Gel Eye Patches Review

I have been aware of Hydrogel eye patches, may have even tried a free sample at some point in life but they never kept my interest enough for me to consider adding them to my skincare routine.
Until a super-hot day in July when I ventured up to Covent Garden to check out the Kbeauty pop up shop with Iblushbeauty, 

while I was there I got talking to a lady from Sokollab when I complained about the dark circles under my eyes she explained to me that the dark circles were a result of dehydration and advised I try out some Hydro Gel Eye Patches 

 and explained some of the benefits any reservations I had evaporated when she put one of the patches on my hand, I can’t stress enough how hot it was on that day yet my whole body seemed to cool down, and I had to make a purchase.

You simply apply the patches to cleansed and toned skin for 30-40 minutes before removing and tapping in any excess serum, I like to position them so that the smaller end is toward the inner corner of my eye. I've seen them applied the other way too, but I feel like this positioning benefits me the most especially since I have been noticing that my eyes have been puffier during the hot weather. They stick to the skin effortlessly and are not too wet or drippy, but cool and refreshing which I cannot stress enough have been a godsend during this heatwave.
You can go about life while wearing them Watch TV, tidy up they will not fall off, I, however, like to chill and relax as I wind down for bed once they get warm and feel dry I
 simply peel them off and toss.
The Koelf Hydro Gel Eye Patches were available in:

Bulgarian Rose: Contains Damask Rosewater from Bulgaria which is rich in vitamins that brighten dull or darkened under eye areas, Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and smooth puffiness, Ruby powder, Camellia leaf extract, and Grapefruit Seed extract. These patches are translucent pink with gold shimmer that makes them a beautiful rose gold colour.

Shea Butter: Contains Pearl powder which contains minerals and amino acids that brighten and illuminate the skin, shea butter which deeply nourishes and moisturizes reducing the look of lines and puffiness. These patches are opaque white.

Royal Jelly: Contains Royal Jelly to firm and improve elasticity, hydrate and decrease puffiness, and Gold powder to improve circulation and fight signs of ageing. These patches are translucent gold with gold shimmer.

The patches come housed in a sturdy plastic tub which contains 60 gel patches that expire in 2 months from the moment you open them.

While I have yet to see any change to the dark circles under my eyes I understand that results require consistent use. However, I immediately noticed decreased puffiness and more hydration.
I would highly recommend checking out these patches I mean for £13 for 30 patches you can't go wrong.
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Have you tried Hydro Gel Eye Patches and what were your thoughts?
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