That Time I Hosted A Vision Board Party

I recently posted a blog called Manifesting My Life's Desires Through A Vision Board in which I documented the emotional and creative process I use to make my vision board, I also put up a post on my Instagram, to which I received a lot of positive feedback and comments from people saying that they would like to make their own vision boards but for whatever reason haven’t gotten around to it.
This then gave me the idea to host my own Vision board party at my flat for a few of my friends everyone seemed so eager.
Seemed simple enough to do, buy some card… buy some magazines… glue .. scissors
Technically the wine is the most important thing, right?

Off the bat, I need to hold my hands up and admit my planning could have been a schoosh better

On the day of literally all I had done was:
Sent initial invitations via email a few weeks prior and sent a follow-up email a few days prior advising attendees that I would provide most of the materials needed however if they required specific images they would need to source it themselves 
Oh and I had some old magazines 

So on the day of I was running around like a headless chicken getting last minute bits and bobs (basically everything)

My research into hosting a Vision Board party told me I would need to have the following:
A bunch of glue sticks.
Many pairs of scissors
One poster board per person (and maybe a few extras in case of mistakes).
Snacks and drinks
 Tons of magazines 
Print outs of inspirational words and phrases
Apparently, there vision board craft kits that would have probably made my life easier
 but obviously, that would not be possible on the day of so scratch that

Between Poundland, Wilko, Sainsburys and Argos I managed to scrape together a pretty decent vision board haul

Shout out to the man in Wilkos who let me take loads of wallpaper samples and to the baby for not blowing my cover lol!

By the end of the afternoon, I had everything my guests needed to come up with a masterpiece that would manifest all of their life’s desires.

Once everyone arrived we did the introductions and then we had a chat about hoped to achieve with our vision board.
Funnily enough, most of our answers were the same!
Find more: work-life balance
Healthy living
Make more money

After setting intentions, we all got to work flipping through magazines, ripping or cutting out images sticking all while chatting, laughing and of course drinking.
I tried to include the baby in the process and initially, he was interested until he finished the popcorn then ran off to his room never to return.
Boys lol!

I am glad that I decided to host the party and actually followed through despite the last minute anxiety about having people in my flat (I am defiantly not a natural hostess) 

As we are all so busy with jobs, kids and life we are rarely afforded the opportunity to meet up as a group and catch up, plus there was a lovely creative relaxed and open vibe (which may or may not have been down to the wine). 
All jokes aside all my friends (Some of which met for the first time that day) really seemed to mesh well and enjoy themselves and conversations seemed to effortlessly flow to topics such as buying homes, finding love, new jobs etc
We are so sophisticated and grown up.

Check out what we managed to achieve

Not everybody felt comfortable Sharing their finished Vision Boards but can you guess which one is mine?
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