This Is Why You Should Get Your Nap On

I have to be honest, I do love a nap lol.
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Unfortunately my busy doesn’t permit me to have them as much as I would like but every now and then the universe treats me to a cheeky hour in the afternoon to indulge but afterwards I do feel guilty about the many chores or responsibilities I could have taken care of instead of sleeping.

However numerous studies say that a cheeky 20-30 minute siesta can help improve your mood and general wellbeing.
I know right!

Check out some more napping benefits:

It can help increase energy and alertness throughout your day.
A nap will have you feeling refreshed, revived and awake.

Makes you less forgetful
You are less likely to forget things you are meant to do or even things you have learned if you are well rested.

Improved concentration
If you are sleep deprived you are more likely to make mistakes or missed things

Makes you eat healthier
Do you find that when you are more likely to reach for unhealthy food?
That is your body trying to refuel itself with sugars and fats to try to give you an energy boost that you wouldn’t need if you had that nap.

Helps manage stress
Just taking a short time out of your busy day recharge your batteries, can massively decrease daily stress and anxiety.

Sound good?

Here are a few tips to make sure you get the 
full benefits from napping:
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Set an alarm-
they say you should nap for 20-30 minutes so perhaps try setting alarm for 45 minutes which will allow you 15 minutes to actually fall asleep.
Opt for a place with dimmed lighting
 but not pitch black to make waking up easier

Pick the right time too early and you probably won't feel sleepy too late and you will find it harder to go to sleep at bedtime. around 1-3pm would be an optimal napping time.

If you cant schedule in regular naps or they are not your thing utilise when necessary

If I know I’m in for a light (And perhaps boozy night) having a nap beforehand is defiantly a must for me often meaning that I am more sociable and am less likely to go home after 1 hour.

What do you do to help manage daily stress?
Please comment below.

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