10 Ways To Help Manage Daily Stress

We all deal with stress daily and to be fair stress is not always a bad thing, as it can act as a motivator. The problem is when it becomes overwhelming and unmanageable.
As a Lupus suffer, I know that my stress-levels impact my health and can also affect the people around me negatively so I actively seek ways to keep them down.

There are so many things that we can all do to decrease our every stress such as creating healthy habits which can not only help to minimize stress but help to lift our moods.
Even though I try hard to keep the small every-day stresses in perspective, I still need to find ways to lift myself out of down moments or shake off stressful days.

Give yourself snooze time
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I am not a morning person at all! And waking up on time … anyways
As part of my morning routine, my alarm goes off at 5,30 even though I don’t necessarily need to be up until 6am. This allows me a to have a further 30 minutes snooze time if I need it.
Alternatively, I have the option to spend the extra time chilling in bed watching my iPad, even time to procrastinate.
Me identifying that I need to be able to wake up slowly and allowing time for that defiantly starts my day off on a better foot.

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Yes, exercise!
Stressful situations increase the level of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol in our bodies which are basically “fight or flight” hormones that designed to protect us from danger. In these modern times not, many stressful situations can be remedied by fighting or running away but any physical exercise can be used as a surrogate to burn off any excessive stress hormones and restore your body and mind to a calmer, more relaxed state.

Go outside
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There have been times at work when I have been on the edge with stress and simply leaving the office for 15 minutes and going outside to the shops or walking around the block for a breath of fresh air has been enough to help calm me down.

Give yourself something to look forward to

I love having holidays booked in advance then on those days that I am at work contemplating flipping my desk over I have something to look forward too. Or I like to spoil myself ,I recently purchased a LV bag for myself that I had wanted for YEARS and while I had some initial guilt about spending so much money on a bag while there were so many other more constructive things u could have used it on my bills and mortgage are not going anywhere for now so the way I see it I am keeping up with my responsibility and I haven’t created a debt for myself there is no reason why I shouldn’t spoil myself every now and then.

Don’t be afraid to make adjustments when necessary
Laptop,, Calendar and Books
Regularly take a look at your schedule and commitments and simplify them taking into consideration what is essential, and you can actually do.
For example, I feel like I have to be super productive on the weekends and try to pack as much stuff as I can, the majority of the time this isn’t a problem but if I have had a stressful week or a Lupus flare it is important that I scale down my responsibilities and commitments to ensure that I am allowing my body and mind the time to recharge itself without feeling guilty.

I’m not going to say this is an easy thing to do, I defiantly find it hard to give myself permission to temporally step back from some of my commitments especially if it is something that I have arranged with family members or friends I know I will be better off in the long run

Talk to Someone
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I think I can say that 2018 has been one of the most stressful years I have ever had to the point in which a number friends and family have regularly been asking me if I am coping then the next question is “How do you do it?”
I think that the fact that I utilise my close friends to talk through things that I am going through has defiantly helped to keep.
Stress can cloud your judgement and prevent you from seeing things clearly so talking things through with a friend, work colleague, or even a trained professional, can help you find solutions to your stress and put your problems into perspective.
Talking also can work by either distracting you from your stressful thoughts or releasing some of the built-up tension by discussing it.

Learn to Say ‘No’
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One of the main common cause of stress is having too much to do and too little time in which to do it but yet in this situation, many people will still agree to take on additional responsibilities, saying to say “No” to additional or unimportant requests will help to reduce your level of stress, and could also help you develop more self-confidence.

I understand that many might feel reluctant to respond to unwanted requests with a direct “No”, straightway (I still have problems telling certain people no) however you could Instead think of some pre-prepared phrases to let other people down more gently. 

You may find the following phrases helpful:
“I am really sorry, but I have other priorities at the moment.”                          
“Right now, is not a good time as I’m in the middle of something.  Why don’t you ask me again at….?”
“I’d love to, but …”

Take time for yourself
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What’s a quick activity or treat refreshes and relaxes you? 
For me, it would have to be a cheeky bath not only because it’s my time to relax and meditate soaking also helps to soothe sore muscles and woollen joints which I often get as a Lupus suffer. 

Be grateful
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As bad as things seem they can always be worse and there is always many people that would love to have your problems so try to focus on the positive in your life.
What makes you happy what are you grateful
Stepping back and finding something you are grateful for can quickly change your perspective!

Rest up!
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Making sure you have ample rest is key! Besides having so much more energy, your brain will function better, and your physical health will improve.
Your body restores itself while sleeping so your entire body will thank you when you start to make giving yourself a decent night’s sleep a priority.

Hope you enjoyed this post

What do you do to help with daily stress?
Please comment below.

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Love your post. A Post like this needs to be read often, I always forget to not be so hard on myself.

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