I Survived The Psychopath’s Den with Aim Escapes

I was offered the opportunity to check out the Psychopath’s Den experience  AIM Escape in London so I decided together some fellow bloggers to experience it with me.
I Survived The Psychopath’s Den with Aim Escapes

What is AIM Escape
AIM Escape is a premium entertainment brand that focuses on delivering outstanding end to end customer experience.
Developed by an all-star in-house team of puzzle and challenge designers, engineers and set
designers, AIM Escape creates interactive, immersive games rooted in hyper-realistic scenarios with state of the art technology that sets the bar
for experiential entertainment. With four “rooms” in heart of the city of London, AIM Escape brings gaming into the real world.

Upon approach, I initially thought that this airy shop front simply one of the many chic office receptions that were dotted around the trendy square, luckily I recognised the logo and in we went.

While hanging out in the very stylish reception area I kept looking around for clues that would show what we were in for but unfortunately there were none.
I, however, feel the need to mention that everything about the waiting area screamed high end from the marble furniture to the minimal décor which told me that a lot of money probably went into this experience.
I Survived The Psychopath’s Den with Aim Escapes

Before going into the game room we had a chat with one of the owners who were really lovely and friendly. We were given a brief and had the rules and had the rules explained to us.

As I have gotten older tended to shy away from scary things such as horror movies rides etc, (sorry my nerves just can’t handle it) but after being assured that no one would actually jump out and kill me I decided to be brave.

Let me set the scene …

Imagine waking up in a dark scary room and realising that you have been kidnapped by a psycho. You have no idea if he is planning to come back to finish you off or if you have been left to die!
The only way to stay alive is to follow the clues and get yourself to safely

I wouldn’t while I wouldn’t necessarily describe the experience as “horror”, it’s defiantly creepy. The décor, props and event sounds were absolutely amazing from the rust on the chains to the flickering lights everything was really well designed and which really helped me to get into the storyline and become fully immersed into the experience.
I Survived The Psychopath’s Den with Aim Escapes

I actually found myself being scared that I would be killed one minute and then being excited and happy when we successfully completed a task the next.

Thankfully there were no jump scare type antics (otherwise I would have had a heart attack and actually died in the room lol), but the décor and atmosphere kept me looking over my shoulder expecting something sinister to take place.
While you need to have your wits about you and think outside the box in order to succeed its important not to over think things and be observant as we defiantly missed some clues that are literally in our face which I’m going to put down to us being super scared.

The difficulty of each game varied but all very fun and if we got stuck we could count on the psycho for clues.  

It’s so hard to give the AIM Escape the review it deserves without describing it too much and  I don’t want to spoil it too much for you guys in case you decide to go and try it out for yourself.

The Escape Room is open seven days a week by appointment via the
booking system on the website: www.aimescape.com

The ticket cost:
Monday – Friday Off-peak (09:00 — 17:59) is £30 per person,
Monday – Friday Peak (18:00 — 23:00) is £40 per person,
Saturday – Sunday Peak (10:00 — 23:00) is £40 per person.
Birthday, Hen/Stag, Corporate and Private Hire packages are available
upon request and tailored to the customers.

AIM Escape
Goodman’s Fields,
8 Canter Way,
E1 8PS
Opening Hours
Weekdays 10:00–23:00
Weekends 09:00–23:00

I would also like to shout out
Maya of What Maya Wears, Julia of Freshbeautyfix and Elsie of  Elisekirstenspeaks.

We survived guys!
If you get a chance to check out their amazing blogs!

Do you think you could survive the Psychopaths Den?
Please comment below.

Full disclosure: I was not wasn’t charged for these tickets however that doesn’t in any way influence my review.

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