Virgin Pure T6 Water Bar Review

Earlier this year while attending the Ideal Home Exhibition I was introduced to the Virgin T6 water bar and over three months in I think I can safely say that this is one of the best purchases that I have made this year. 

What is a Virgin Pure T6 water bar?
A Virgin Pure T6 water bar is a worktop ‘water bar’ that purifies tap water and provides instant boiling or cool water. The machine connects into your mains water supply so it never needs to be refilled and the built-in replaceable filters plus bacteria-killing UV lamp makes the water it dispenses is super clean and fresh.

The machine’s a super simple digital display and boost cool functions such as daily wake-up timer to make sure that your fave beverages are prepared at a set time. I haven’t gotten around to playing with that function yet, however I have adjusted the settings to make sure the machine dispenses the correct amount of water for my glasses and mugs.

I can now have hot or cold drinks on demand which has been a blessing during this recent stint of hot weather we have been having,  I have not even needed to put ice in my cold drinks! 
The hot water function has somewhat made my kettle obsolete as it produces a lovely cup of tea without any scum or limescale flakes. 
The  machine does still need to boil the water and I’m not convinced that it is quicker than the kettle but that is not the end of the world

Finally, I love the way the Virgin T6 water bar looks in my kitchen with its sleek design.  The Virgin T6 water bar is available in a few different colours but I opted for silver as my the colour pallet in my kitchen is mostly grey and chrome.

Would you invest in a water filter system?
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