Tips For Stress-free Shopping Experiance

In my youth I loved shopping and spending the day hitting the shops in the west end or at Bluewater was my idea of heaven.

Ahh the days when I had NO bills

NO responsibilities,
NO fear about spending all of my wages on clothes and makeup
NO embarrassment when my debit card was declined in
NO regret about having borrowing money from my mum until my next payday
Nothing better to with my spare time LOL.  
Oh, those days. I stayed broke but I looked good though.

I have since managed to dramatically reduce my spending and mostly opt to shop online which for me reduces impulse buys. When I do venture out to the shops I typically prefer to shop alone then I can plan my route and take my time going around the various shops my own pace, going back to look at items again if I need to with no distractions. Sometimes it would be nice to have someone to give me a second opinion in the fitting room but I guess that is what Wotsapp and camera phones are for.
Here are some of my shopping tips to ensure you have a stress-free and successful retail therapy session!

Plan ahead
Make a list of what you want, and how much you are allowed/able to spend. Make sure to stick to your budget!  It’s also worth researching your fave shops beforehand to find out there are any sales happening or discount vouchers up for grabs.

Go Early
Nothing annoys me more than having to navigate my way through crowds of shopper’s. If I absolutely have to go shopping on a Saturday (busiest shopping day of the week) you best believe I’m there when the doors open then I get to enjoy quieter and tidier shops with more attentive staff.

Dress Right
There is nothing worse than having to wrestle with your cloths in a tiny fitting room with no seat, wearing comfortable clothing which you can remove will definitely make your shopping easier and quicker. If you are shopping for a special occasion you should wear the underwear that you are likely to wear with the outfit. 

Keep Your Receipts
There’s nothing worse than realising an item doesn’t fit/match/suit only to find that you have binned or lost the receipt, also make sure to check the shops return policy before parting with your money.

Personal Shopping
Many shopping centres and some shops are now offering the service of a personal shopper – simply let someone else do all the legwork while you sit sipping wine and eating snacks like a celeb

What are your tips for a stress-free shopping trip?
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