Tips To Encourage Longer, Stronger And Healthier Afro Hair

Avoid Using Heat On Your Hair
Regularly using high temperatures on your hair will dry it out and make it brittle, increasing the chances of breakage. If you must use heat on your hair it's best to limit it to once a month at most. I no longer blow dry my hair nor do I use tongs or hair straighteners on my hair.

Keep Your Hair Moisturised
As it takes a lot longer for natural oils to travel to the ends of strands a water-based moisturiser and sealing with natural oils is a great way to not only revitalise your hair with that softness and shine but will also put the lost nutrients back into your strands.  Make sure to steer clear of products with petroleum and mineral oils. I’m currently using black castor oil on my hair and scalp and alternating it with coconut oil. Other popular oils for use on black hair include are olive oil, and avocado.

Eat Healthily
Try to include more foods in your diet that are proven to increase hair growth, and are great for nourishing your scalp and strands.
Salmon, avocados, and pumpkin seeds are full of protein and omega-3 fatty acids which can help your hair follicles to stay healthy.
Spinach, eggs, and Greek yoghurt are all great sources of protein which enrich your strands of hair.
Blueberries this super-fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C which is great because Too little vitamin C leads to hair breakage

Drink Water
Drinking plenty of water is paramount to encouraging longer, stronger and healthier hair growth.  Aim for 2-3 litres a day and slowly and build your intake up. You will also see a dramatic improvement in your skin and nails among other things – the benefits of increasing your water intake are endless.

Wear Protective Hairstyle
Protective hairstyles when done effectively limit the stress of environmental factors on natural hair.  Some protective hairstyles such as braids and cornrows can pull on edges if they are too tight or weigh your strands down, which is the exact opposite of what you want.
Check out some amazing protective styles

Get Regular Trims
It’s a good idea to trim your ends at least every six months to a year, depending on your growth or as often as needed. The purpose of a trim is to rid yourself of split ends and dry ends which can put a strain on the health and growth of your hair, allowing your locks to grow without any interruptions. I recently had a trim and my hair feels so much better for and even looks thicker, however, if you trim your hair too frequently, you will have a difficult time noticing growth.

What are your tips for healthy hair?
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Jazmin said...

I really felt the part about trimming your hair. Because I have afro hair, my split ends aren't really visible so I don't get it trimmed regularly. I really should though... I'm going to book an appointment right now!

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