Right Now I’m Loving…

Here are a few things I'm loving at the moment 

Early nights 
As I suffer from Lupus it feels like no amount of sleep is enough for me to feel properly rested however I have come to learn that it is the quality of sleep that matters. There is nothing like having an early dinner followed by a relaxing bath then going to bed. No TV, no iPad no phone just time to download after a crazy day before drifting off to sleep.

Going naked
I'm going to need you to take your mind out of the gutter I’m talking about going without makeup.  There was a time when even the thought of going out without making u was enough to give me anxiety, I was defiantly one of those girls that would have to wake up before her boyfriend to fix up so he wouldn’t see her bare-faced lol. Yes still love wearing makeup, but of late I’ve been enjoying going makeup free, and only really ever makeup when I have meetings or going out to a special event.

 Wearing trainers
 Sneakers, skaters whatever fancy names they want to call them, I’m not ashamed to say my comfortable wardrobe has spilt into my work wardrobe (I probably get away with it because my skaters come from R& B) and has now become a somewhat permeant thing sorry not sorry.

 Game Of Thrones
Winter is here and I’m not complaining. Mondays just got fun.

Are you following my Snaps? If not why?

Yooo how can you be bored when you have Snap chat? I am still learning to use all of the functions but those filters are giving me life! Who knew I looked so good as a dog? And what situation doesn’t call for a flower crown?

 Body con err thing 

Maybe a bit thotish but hey I worked hard to get this summer body so I am going to show it off.

My Afro

unfortunately, my lifestyle is not conducive to maintaining my fro on a regular basis so I tend to stick to protective styles (Mostly braids) however I feel it is important that I leave my hair out to breath between installs a when I do I rock my fro heavy.

Eating My Nephews Cereal 

Guilty pleasure sorry not sorry (Of course I replace it by the time he comes back to my flat)

Tia Becca 

my current girl crush and body inspiration do I need to explain why?

Tiny apartment videos on youtube

I honestly don’t know why but I find watching them so satisfying especially the really studio apartments in Tokyo.

Subway tiles

 I don’t know when I fell in love but I want it in my bathroom and kitchen soo BAD!


super tasty and has a high water content which makes it hydrating and helps you feel full yum!

Cardi B

 I wish she was my best friend, Super funny great sense of fashion and if she f##ks with you she f##ks with you heavy!

Maybe I’m nostalgic for my broke student days, maybe I’m completely trashy, maybe I’m simply cheap either way I love me some Lambrini (I can just hear the disappointed gasp from my Auntie Novelette)

What or who are you loving right now?
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