Curly Treats Festival 2017 Event Review

I had the pleasure of attending the Curly Treats Hair Festival at the ILEC Conference Centre this weekend.
The brain child of Vinna Best of the Natural Hair week the Curly Hair Festival is a natural hair event which actually covered more than just hair. 
I mean of course they had reps from your hair brands offering advice on the best products for your hair texture, bloggers and discussing their hair journeys but I also noticed a lot of the discussions were geared to healthy living and well-being instead of simply promoting and reviewing natural hair products, giving me the impression that the  Curly Treats Hair Festival’s ultimate goal is to leave people feeling empowered and proud of their natural beauty.
 I have to mention that this is the first event I have attended that had dedicated workshops and event an emopwerHER brunch for little girls! 
Despite my recent spending ban I gave in and purchased a whipped hair and body butter Sunuker which I am especially excited to try as I have been noticing some dryness in my skin so hopefully it will help. I also purchased a Lychee and lime lip balm which smells absolutely divine!
I had a lovely time at the Curly Treats Hair Festival saw loads of familiar faces, made a couple, purchases and got a lot of samples that I am excited to try out im defiantly excited to see what the organisers come up with next year

Did you attend the  Curly Treats Hair Festival?
What did you think?
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