What’s On My Summer Walking List?

What the hell is a walking list?

 When I go on my lunchtime walks or use the treadmill at the gym I like to listen to books on tape (Well technically it’s a book on an iPhone app) as they keep my mind occupied and actually make me look forward to going exercising.

As I am a monthly subscriber to audible.com I am able to download one book a month from the so it works out to be pretty inexpensive
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 and due to a number of recent Lupus flares, I have not been exercising as much which means I haven’t been listening to as many books.
I am now feeling a lot stronger and I would like to get my tail in gear so I decided to use up my outstanding credits to purchase a load of books to get me excited about resuming my walks.

I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons – Kevin Heart

I follow Kevin Heart on all of his social media platforms as not only is he hilarious I find him to be so inspiring and his work ethic I amazing. The popular comedian actor and now writer shares lessons about life, success, parenting, relationships and the stories behind the jokes. Im super excited to find out what happens when he puts pen to paper.

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Black Privilege – Charlamagne Tha God 
Watching the Breakfast club interviews on youtube is a not so guilty pleasure of mine especially Charlamagne's bear poking, witty, insightful and at time socially conscious questions and comments – in Black Privilege Charlemagne tha god shares his unlikely success story as well as how embracing your truths is a fundamental key to success and happiness.

A Feast For Crows & A Dance With Dragons - George R. R. Martin
I am a super unapologetic Game of Thrones TV show fan so of course, u have to bang out the books. I initially intended to get up to date with the books by the time the new season started but unfortunately, winter is here and I still have two books to go.

What is on your reading list?
What’s your incentive to work out other than a summer body?
Please comment below

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