Before I went natural I wish I knew...

Looking back the past few years I can see a lot of changes in my life as well as my hair since I have gone natural, and while I have made loads of mistakes along the way, I treasure them for making me a wiser and savvier natural. There are a few things I wish I knew about earlier that could have made my journey less painful, so hopefully, insight from my experience will make your transition much easier.

Climate can affect how products work

My natural hair defiantly responds differently in a dry climate in comparison to a humid one, and every damn day seems to be humid lol! I try to plan my hairstyles accordingly and rainy England and try not to get upset when my hair shrinks before I even get to work despite staying up till dumb o’clock the night before doing a twist out lol! Protective styles are a life saver on damp days or in humid climates and I have to use ingredients that respond well to damp or humid conditions, such as thicker products to combat the frizz.

There are no short cuts or magic hair products
You need to put in the time and that’s it. There is no magic solution to make your hair easier to manage, look shinier or grow longer. Give your hair the TLC and time it needs and you will see results

Ingredients do matter
Before going natural it never occurred to me to look at the back of a product as I fully believed the marketing claims and better still the picture on the front of the packaging. So many brands will highlight coconut oil or “all natural” on the front but when you look at the label you see that those desired ingredients are actually at the bottom of the ingredients list the same with skin care products and even food! 

It takes time…… and money

In an ideal world I would be born with this wealth of natural hair information and would get everything right first time (I’m not) or I would have enough money to go to a professional to look after my locks (Again I’m not) It took time for me to find the right products and regimen which still needs some tweaking here and there.  I make sure to tell newly naturals this all the time so they can ride it out much better than I did.

Water is your friend
This may sound like a contradiction to my complaint about damp and humid climates but when I think about how long I was raking

out my hair without any kind of moisture then having the audacity to be shocked that it was coming out in clumps I shudder.

You Will Miss Your Permed Hair...
As much as I love my curls up until recently I can recall thinking out loud “I miss my perm” that’s is probably naturlista faux pas number one but I’m keeping it real, sometimes that’s how I feel.  Do I want to relax my hair right now? No may I go there again? Who knows but it would be a damn shame to waste all this work and effort I put in.  To be honest it’s the convenience I miss but I quickly get over it.

It can get overwhelming at times
A few weeks ago after a crazy weekend and an even crazier week, I felt it would be a good idea to wash my hair at dumb o’clock in the morning and then fell asleep with the towel on.. I probably don’t have to tell you what I woke up to. There I was 45 minutes before I was due to leave out for work trying to think of a good excuse to call in sick then rembering that I had an important meeting that I could not miss and wanting to burst into tears! After acting like a lunatic it dawned on me in the nick of time to rock a jazzy head scarf to work. This is only on example of a silly mistake I have made has made me want to reach for the creamy crack and I found a simple remedy to get me through (I’m not going to talk about the detangling nightmare I had to deal with later now that was bloody overwhelming) In these situations the only thing to do is to take a deep breath, take time and work it out
Don’t listen to everything those girls on Youtube say
I was and kind of still am addicted to youtube videos and always had to run our and purchase the new hot product. This is not always the best thing to do because what works for those girls don’t always work for me even if it kinda sorta seems like we have the same hair type.
Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with looking up inspiration for a new hairdo or researching that product you have been wondering about but there is a big difference between doing that and parting with your hard earned coins just because your fave hair vlogger says it’s the bomb.

Fuck length checks!

Before I fully committed to going natural I was obsessed with watching those #longhairjourney videos and had completely unrealistic visions in my head of me with thick curls all down my back.
 I had to seriously ask myself why am I going natural (Everybody’s reasons are different) and how important are long locks to me.
My personal reason: Due to the medications I take to control my Lupus I wanted to limit the chemicals in my hair and my body if I could help it.
My prime objective was healthy hair so length didn’t matter to me as much but some growth would be nice.
That in mind I decided not to purchase one of those t-shirts with the lines on the back so that I could document the day when my hair got to bra strap length and I’m not going to beat myself for not looking like the black Rapunzel

Protective styles are life!
Check out some amazing protective styles HERE

Have you been natural for a while?
What advice would you give your pre transitioning self?
What priceless tips have you learned along the way?

What do you wish you knew before going natural?
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