NUTRIBUDDY – The weight loss kit first impressions

Happy Hump Day all
Those who follow me on social media will already know that yesterday I started the Nutribuddy diet from all of my snazzy smoothie posts.
As per the title this is my first impressions of the Nutribuddy weight loss kit. You (Even though I have already started).
Initially I turned my nose up at faddy diets however as I had been so busy with work family and life in general a lot of the good eating and lifestyle practices had gone out of the window and I found myself yearning for some structure that my living situation was not allowing
I had been planning to design some kind of smoothie diet myself when the opportunity to test NUTRIBUDDY and will hopefully take a lot of the leg work out of the process for me.
First of I’m a sucker for packaging, simple and feminine without being too flowery and all of the packaging is reseal able so everything stays nice and fresh.
Included in the weight loss kit you get:
Sculpting whey powder – I was offered the choice of vanilla or chocolate, I went for vanilla.

Multi vitamins capsules
Hunger fix capsules
Shaker bottle – you get a choice of red or black, I chose black.
Recipe book
The little book of weight loss
Depending on your diet goals you can purchase 7 days’ worth, 14 days’ worth and 30 days’ worth.
I have been sent 14 days’ worth of product which would cost £34.99. Which seems reasonable.
I liked the fact that Nutribuddy send you all the information you could need about the products in their ‘little book of weight loss’ and there is even a 5 day meal plan full of meals and smoothie recipes that you can try.  Recently I have been stuck in a bit of a food rut so the mealspration (not sure if that is a thing) was defiantly welcomed..
As I had already been making my smoothies with my nutribullet I decide that my approach to the diet would be to have a shake in the morning, one for lunch and a healthy meal in the evening (I sound like a Slimfast advert)
As I prep my and freeze my fruits in advance so the only extra step I had was adding the powder and making extra to bring with me to work  for lunch.
I also made my evening meals in advance some of which I froze just in case I went out.
My first shake was on Sunday and I mixed the sculpting whey powder with frozen raspberries, blueberries, pineapple and spinach. The vanilla powder is tasty but has a slight after taste to it. This morning I had my first work day on the diet, my smoothie contained blueberries, strawberries, banana, spinach and kiwi which I really enjoyed. I forgot to bring the Hunger fix capsules with me but I dint really start to feel hungry until lunch time. I will try the hunger fix tablets tomorrow and I’ll let you know my opinion on them my follow up post after the 14 days.

Along with the shakes I will be drinking at least two litres and trying to up my daily activities and perhaps going to the gym at least twice a week
I quickly wanted to go over what I planned and have already started doing, to lose weight while using the Nutribuddy products. So that I can compare in 14 days when I finish the diet.
When I can evaluate how it went and then make a decision on what I will realistically continue
Here’s a page telling you a few do’s and do not’s:
In order to be safe I recommend that you read all of the do’s and don’ts in the The little book of weight loss I already don’t do most of the things they advise not to however as I suffer from Lupus and take medications daily I made sure to have a conversation with my GP to make sure that it wold not affect the medications that I was taking.
I had been wanting to plan my meals in advance for some time so this is the perfect opportunity to try this out, if you fail to plan you plan to fail right?
As far as exercise goes following a Lupus flare I had to put going to the gym on hold so I plan to up my daily activities and slowly ease back in to the gym doing very gentle activities taking care not to aggravate my condition so no ‘heavy’ cardio… or weight training.

It is a bit disappointing because I know if I exerted myself more the results would be more drastic but if I push myself too far and have a flair its back on to the steroids and no one wants that.
I will be posting frequently on all social media channels about my progress with these products and how I’m feeling about them using the hashtag


Your encouragement would defiantly go a long was so please like, retweet, comment and all that jazz so I know you have my back.
Here is the link to the Nutribuddy website if you would like to try it out your self

Have a great week every one


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