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When the opportunity to attend a HulaFit class in London with Blogosphere Magazine came my way I jumped at the chance as I following a lupus flare I had to scale back my activity for fear of causing damage to my joints and muscles and I was getting use to not being active, a fun class like HulaFit was just what I needed to ease myself bac in to some kind of fitness activity.

I had never heard of HulaFit before, but I had heard of people doing hula classes Hula, I have seen hula performers doing their thing in fancy nightclubs and I was also a bit handy with the hoop when I was in primary school, so I was super pumped to try put the class and I can’t lie I thought it would be more of a fun afternoon rather than a full on work out.
Boy was I wrong.
The instructor Anna introduced herself and I had a chat with the other bloggers and the guys from Blogosphere Magazine then it was time for the class to start.
We began with a quick tutorial of how to keep the hoop going around your waist, the tip is to clench your stomach muscles, and if the hoop starts to get two low you whine down low to bring it back up (I was very good at that).
Thankfully all of the attendees were beginners as I can get a bit competitive.
Once we clumsily got the hang of keeping the hoop up we got warmed up and prepared to get our hula on.

Now just because we were dealing with pretty coloured hoops doesn’t mean this was not a serious work out!
The HulaFit class consisted of REAL exercises routines like jumping over the hoops, squats, burpees!
The Hoops were even weighted so you got an extra work out and it made it easier to keep them up.
The atmosphere in the class was amazing!
Everyone was very encouraging and having a great time plus Anna’s music playlist was and energetic mix of old and new sexy tracks.
No doing to lie more than once I had to stop to catch my breath  and have some water but looking at Anna’s amazing figure left me determined to finish (IWOOT her figure)

As a class we learned a short routine on a smaller lighter hula-hoop which was then followed by a cool-down and stretch.
After the class I was drenched in sweat and actually felt like all my muscles were given a through work out, there was some an influence from her Personal trainer husband, Rowan.

I would definably like to do this class on a regular basis but unfortunately there aren’t any classes near me (I commuted from SE London to north London to attend this class) however HulaFit are always looking for instructors in different areas so …. (Fingers crossed)

To find your nearest HulaFit class Click Here
Thanks to HulaFit and Blogosphere Magazine for having me
Oh and photos from the class will be in the issue so Blogosphere Magazine so you can check out how much fun we had.

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