DinkiBelle Nail Wraps Review

While attending Bloggers Hangout over the weekend I was introduced to the wonderful world of DinkiBelle Nail Wraps.

The DinkiBelle range of nail wraps is full of super sassy designs which  unlike other nail products are kind to the nails. The entire collection is based on a ‘five free’ philosophy, meaning all wraps are free from formaldehyde, diabutyl phthalate, toluene, camphor and formaldehyde resin.
The inspiration for the five free’ philosophy Nadia Theron, Founder of DinkiBelle who found that she could no longer wear regular nail polishes after she suffered from severe nail damage and an allergic reaction to some of the chemicals in nail polish.
After years of searching in vain for something that was fashionable, affordable, and protected her nails from daily wear and tear, that didn’t use unnecessary chemicals and damage the nails Nadia decided to take thinks in to her own hands because if she was having this problem other women are probably having then bish bash bosh! DinkiBelle was born.
20 Great designs to suit every occasion without all that nasty toxic stuff.

I had been aware of nail wraps and the amazing designs they come in but I thought that they need to be applied by a nail professional or at least with a steadier hand than me however I was assured by Nadia that they were super simple to apply so decided to give them a try in  Marble.
And I am glad I did.

Clean and buff your nails.
Select the size to suit your nail & remove the clear cover.
Lift the wrap using the silver tab.
Apply to the nail & smooth out wrinkles.
Wrap around the nail and file off excess in a downward motion
Optional:  Apply gel or gel effect top coat
Remove using nail polish remover or gently peel off.

Apart from some initial difficulty because I didn’t remove the plastic form the top of the wrap (Silly Lee-Anne) 
DinkiBelle Nail Wraps were super easy to apply.
Pre-cut into 10 different sizes I found I had to rim some of the wraps slightly as I have thin nail beds but it wasn’t too difficult.
All it took was a little bit of patience and concentration and I was off to work with Marble nails. 
To be on the safe side put a coat of clear nail polish over the top of the DinkiBelle Nail Wraps though the instructions said I didn’t need to as I have my hands in water a lot.
Are meant to last up to 14 days but my normal nail varnish doesn’t last that long because I am very hard on my nails.
If my wraps last till the weekend I will be a happy

Each pack contains 20 DinkiBelle Nail Wraps and costs £6.99.

To find out more about DinkiBelle and browse the range, visit the website: www.dinkibelle.co.uk

Lee-Anne x 
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