Toad Diary Review

Since primary school I’ve loved to have a funky diary in an attempt to organised my life then when smart phones became available I enjoyed the flexibility of being able to sync up to my phone to my outlook however there is something about pen and paper that you can’t beat.


When I have brought diary if always found myself wishing that there is an extra section for this or more space to write that so when I heard about Toad Diary’s offered personalized stationery I was so involved.

The best thing about the Toad diaries that you can start them whenever you want during and they can run up to the year 2018.

There are 5 size choices available from A4 right down to pocket sized and a number of different front cover options from plain colors to printed designs of course I went for a pretty pink pattern you can also add your own touch with spaces two writing areas to the front and back of the diary.

The inside of the diary includes a current year planner, plastic pocket, note section, personal information area and more. The diaries all seem to be wire bound, which I have to admit is a favourite for me, while the front and back are protected by a plastic cover. So when it comes to quality I am more than happy with it.

Toad Diaries

The other options of stationery are made in much a similar way and I found delivery was really fast, with the diary having been dispatched the next day and then taking 3 – 4 days to arrive.

My diary came with all the instructions and the paper ready to make an origami toad, which I’m proud to say I managed using the instructions given.

An A5 Toad diary costs £13.32 (with different sizes and options costing different amounts) and you can see all the options over on the Toad website.

Do you still a diary and how would you personalize yours?

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