Magnitone BareFaced Review

I had previously tried the No5 facial brush which at first seemed to work really well for me however after awhile I found it dried out my skin so I stopped using it.

I had considered purchasing a more high-end facial brush but there were so many different choices out there I didn’t know where to turn. Recently I got talking to one of the Magnitone at the Bloggers Hangout Bloggers Fashion Week event I was introduced to and gifted my very own BareFaced (In pink of course) the rep explained to me that the rotating brush probably why my skin dried out and I could have been using it for two long (I admitted I used it every day) however I shouldn’t have that problem with the Bareface because the brush doesn’t rotate it actually deep-cleanses the skin through the vibrations of the brush head which empties out your pores, tones the skin and evens the surface.

I do try to look after my kin but sometimes I’m too tired to give it the love and car it deserves my main problem is my skin is super oily which leaves me prone to the odd break out. I have tried a number of products of roily skin which have helped but I am very aware that the only way to great skin is to have a good routine in which the skin is properly cleansed and moisturised.

I was really excited to see how the BareFaced brush worked on my skin, so that night I gave it a go the great thing about this product is that is not only has two different settings Daily Cleanse and PulseLift Toning is also The brush has a built-in timer with beeps every 20 seconds and It stops after one minute so you don’t overdo any sections of your face.

To use I simply moistened the brush with water and added a few drops of my usual face was and gently used the brush on my skin in circular motions and after a minute I was done.
Another great thing about the brush is it is water proof so I could use it in the shower.

Afterward my face felt super soft and I found that after I dried my face and used a moisturiser it moisturiser it absorbed really quickly

The Magnitone BareFaced comes with a wireless travel USB charger (which is so handy!), a travel bag and a 12 month warranty.
I am looking forward to seeing the long term effects of using this product because so far I am very satisfied


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