Sensationail Starter Kit Review

As much as I try to be frugal and do my nails at home something always seems to go wrong; normally due to me not being to keep still for at least an hour to let my nails dry properly.
Is not my thought there is always something urgent to do when my nails are wet like making a drink or the phone rings what’s a girl to do?
I have had Gels on a few occasions however the last time I had went to a nail shop I was not familiar with as the lady that usually does my nails was on holiday.
Big mistake

By the time I got home the polish had peeled of and it was still wet underneath not good!

I then when back to the shop and the girl redid them not problem right?

The following day it happened again only now I didn’t have time to go back to get them redone and it was Fashion Week!!

Fashion Faux Pas!!

Oh well that was then.
While attending the Bloggers Hang Out Beauty Bar I got talking to the lovely ladies from Sensationail’s and of course I told them about my LFW gel disaster lol!

We then went on to discuss the Sensational Starter kit which is a gel nail kit that you can do at home instead of having to visit the salon.

I have heard about similar product by chance on but I never really considered getting on as I felt it would be harder than simply using nail polish and I find that hard enough. When voiced my concerns to the rep I was assured that kit included everything I would need to started along with easy to follow instructions and the gel lamp and the drying and most importantly the drying time was considerably shorter than using regular nail varnish .
In the starter kit you get a gel cleanser, a gel primer, a gel base and top coat, a colour gel polish (either Scarlet Red or Raspberry Wine(  My kit came with the Raspberry but I purchased Taupe Tulip from Boots separately)

 lint-free wipes, a nail buffer, a bamboo manicure stick and the LED lamp. You also get detailed easy to follow instructions (Which I didn’t read until after I started applying the polish lol!).

Applying the polish is roughly the same as applying regular varnish bit there are a few extra steps….

You buff your nails

Cleanse them with the gel cleanser

Add the primer

Add the base coat (30 seconds in the lamp)

Add a layer of colour (60 seconds in the lamp)

Add another layer of colour (60 seconds in the lamp)

Add the top coat (30 seconds in the lamp)

Finally you cleanse your nails again to remove the sticky residue.


The overall process took just under an hour which I think is pretty damn good for my first attempt
It said on the box that they should last around two weeks so let’s wait and see
Click here to view the Sensationail Website
Click here to view the Sensationail range at Boots 
or even better you can enter my prize draw give away for the chance to win one!!

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