I purchased this little beauty from Professional Beauty and I got straight to using it and completely forgot about writing a blog post lol!

What is the Makeup Eraser???
"The MakeUp Eraser cloth removes make up completely and quickly using no chemical or cleanser, saving the user money and time each and every day. This  gentle cleansing process promotes healthy facial skin because it does not affect the skin's natural acid mantle, 
The Make Up Eraser is made from a specially knitted polyester/silk fibre which is many times finer than human hair, when wet the eraser creates a hydro-mechanical process that breaks the surface tension of the oils that bond make up to the skin, MakeUp Eraser even removes waterproof and smearproof mascara, HD makeup and lipstick. The Eraser is double sided and has a slightly longer nap on one side for gentle exfoliation, whilst the other shorter side is for the 100% removal of all makeup, the Eraser is suitable for all skin types,even for the most sensitive and troublesome skin. "

Does it work??

Umm Yes!

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After ruining a number of flannels I didn’t have much confidence in this product but curiosity made me purchase it when I attended professional beauty earlier this year.
 I cant remember exactly how much I paid for it but I ended up buying a 2nd one at a slight discount.
The instructions said to Wash Eraser prior to first erase! And the washing instructions were on tag and said  to: machine wash cool delicate and tumble dry low.
I dint do this I just hand washed it and left it to dry on my radiator but it was fine when it dried.
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The instructions said to:
Wet portion of Makeup Eraser…..Drenched Wet! Use Warm Water.
Erase by gently rub off makeup in circular motion. Then flip Eraser to long nap side to exfoliate!
Wash Makeup Eraser as needed.

Pretty simple but the results were great!

I’m sorry that I didn’t take any pics but you can try it out for yourself!

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