Afro Hair & Beauty Live Event Review

Those who follow me on twitter or Instagram would know that I had been looking forward to Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE 2014 for ages!

Despite being a bit tired from the day before as I had attended Curvoloution and Top Model of colour I was up bright and early. Due to my late night I dint get to roller set my hair the night before so I  had to quickly do it in the morning then rip the curlers out as I made the mad dash to the door.

Obviously my curls didn’t last

When I got to the design and business centre I went to the press desk to collect my press pass where I was greeted by a very Cheerful Jessica
ME: HI I am Lee-Anne Weise and I am  collecting a press pass and some tickets
Jessica: Oh Lee-Anne! I have been waiting to meet you won Loads of tickets!!

I probably should have mention that after a series of late night twitter and Instagram sessions (Thanks prednisone) I entered a load of comps to win tickets for Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE 2014 and actually ended up winning about 5 sets of tickets!!
I can’t say than I never win anything any more
Me in my Spell magazine T'shirt

First stop once I first went to the Spell magazine stand as they wanted to give me a goody bag as part of my prize (Thanks guys)

I then did a walk round taking note of stands I wanted to go back to.

Of course I had to say hi to the guys at the ORS stand and take a few selfies for their wall.

Beautiful textures has a stand this year and after missing out on getting a sample of the naturally straight texture manageability system yesterday I crossed my fingers that I would get one today.
Right next to the Beautiful textures stand was the Afro Hair and Beauty Live Bloggers' Lounge which was hosted by UKnaturals.

I have to say I had an amazing time in the bloggers lounge and ended up staying in there much longer than I anticipated talking to bloggers taking pictures and tasting the yummy goodies they had on offer.

The rest of the day I had to say was a complete blur!

I had my hair and scalp analysed at ORS which was interesting and kind of scary at the same time as you see the hair strands close up which showed where my hair was healthy at the routed and as it went down the strands of my hair you could see the damaged from where I preciously relaxed my hair on a regular basis.

I also had a talk with the Patricia Ramgolam-Singh, of Concept Hair in Birmingham about the impact my lupus medications having on my hair and what I could do about it.

I was impressed with how knowledgeable she was about Lupus I normally get the blank stare lol
I was advised to wait until my medications are stable before I consider any kind of chemical treatments for my hair and in the meantime I should take some supplements and improve my diet which is something I had  already started to do so I was happy to know I was going in the right direction.

I had seen a few products that I liked throughout the day but I had promised myself that I would not do any impulse buying but instead I would take the website address for the products, do some research and then decide if need to make a purchase.

The following day when  went back I did end up buying some Shea butter and a subcription to Black hair and beauty but I needed those!

In the afternoon it got crazy busy and over whelming so I ended up leaving about 5pm and
Off to Afro Hair & Beauty Live day two
 I went back early the next day with the intention of taking photos and checking out some of the seminars which I did.

Check out my photos from the day.

Did you go to Afro hair and beauty live?
What did you think of the day and did you make any interesting purchases?

Please comment below

Lee-Anne x 
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