The Magic Bullet Review

I previously mentioned this product in my Bloggers Love...Beauty Bar Event 
Review however I wanted to use it for a while to work out exactly how I felt about it before writing a review. 
I love The Makeup Bullet!!!
 The Makeup Bullet is a foam applicator which fits on your finger, it can be used wet or dry for liquids, creams and powders.
 My favourite part is the bullet shaped point which is great for difficult areas such as the corners of your eyes. 
Incredibly simple to use and multi-task as you can hold other brushes or bottles as the Makeup Bullet sits on the end of your finger and super easy to clean. 
The Makeup Bullet costs £11.99 for a single pack and £22.99 for a triple pack 
(Defiantly worth it!)
and can be purchased 

Have you tried The Makeup Bullet
What are your thoughts?

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