I Got's Me Some New hair

You may have seen from my twitter and Instagram that the big hair has gone!

I decided to give my hair a break from the everyday combing and brushing plus I get a few minutes extra to sleep in the mornings
I went for a synthetic hair with a loose wave (I forget the name of the brand soz) but it was cheap hair (About £3.49) a bag and I used four bags.

Believe it or not I actually braided it all myself as my joints weren’t feeling to bad and I have been suffering from insomnia since I have been prescribed steroids so I figured !
since I’m going to be up any why not just braid my hair”

I have always enjoyed wearing my hair in braids because of the variety of styles available the only thing I hate is when its time to take them out but we shall cross that bridge when we come to it.

I am intending to keep these braids in for roughly 2-3 months and while they are in the braids I moisturise my scalp with Jamaican Black Caster Oil and I use African pride Braid spray
Every two weeks I wash and deep condition the braids paying attention to the scalp

What are your favorite braided styles and how do you maintain them?

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