DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Product Review

I am ashamed to say I have been using this product for over a year absolutely love it and am only now writing a product review.
I am also kinda sorta ashamed to say that I have yet to but a full sized bottle of the product …
I have been gifted the product a few times at events and last year during the Vitality show they were selling the small bottles in the New woman goodie bags for like a £1
So I brought loads and a year later I still have some.
DHC Deep Cleansing oil is a botanical cleansing oil that gently protects skin while removing makeup and unclogging pores thus revealing radiant skin.
My skin is generally quite greasy but I have noticed a huge improvement since I added DHC DeepCleansing Oil to my cleansing regime

I like the fact the texture of the oil is quite thick as compare to most of the cleansing oil I've ever tried and spreads around the skin easily and emulsifies when mixed with water making it easy to wash off.
I’d starting to run low on my mini bottles so I’m probably going to have to invest in a full sized bottle soon

You can purchase DHC DeepCleansing Oil at Amazon for £22.07

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