Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Review

I had a lot of feedback on my Instagram about this product so I figured I should write a quick product review

I have been using Jamaican Back Castor oil for some time now after learning about the long hair journey.

Jamaican Back Castor Oil is quit dark and thick in consistency  than the Caster oil that you can pick up at your locak pharmacy which has a lighter colour.

I remember going out to dinner with a friend and her parents and talking about how I had been using Castor oil on my hair at the time and her father told me that people had been using it in the Caribbean for years and it really does work!


Despite starting with the best intention I have to hold my head down and admit that I have not been constant with my hair care retinue and there for haven’t seen the full results
However I did notice a difference in the texture of my new growth and thickness around my edges. 
Man I wish I stuck to it.

How I used Jamaican Back Castor Oil:

Before a wash day I would oil my scalp and saturate hair with Jamaican Back Castor Oil 
(Sorry about the smell) leave it till the next they when I woudl wash it.

Deep Condition
Deep conditioner I would add a few drops of Jamaican Back Castor oil to my conditioner along with various essential oils cover hair with a shower cap and sit under the dryer.

Using a applicator bottle apply oil directly to the scalp and then massage it in

Do you use Jamaican Back Castor oil?
How were your results? 

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