La Cure UK Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts

I cannot stress how much I LOVE this product.

I tend to surfer from joint pain and muscle pains a lot and find that the best thing to relax my body is a support hot bath.
You may know from some of my previous post I love smellies and bubble baths so I was super excited to try the La Cure UK Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts.
The website states
La Cure utilizes Natural Dead Sea Minerals to create these Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts. Relax in a warm salt bath to relieve muscle tension and the stress of daily Dead Sea Minerals give natural relief for the symptoms of skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema.

When I added the lovely blue crystals to my bath I 1st noticed that there was wasn’t a smell to it, I’m obviously it smelt like salt but it didn’t leave my bathroom smelling like the beach, I was also expecting my bath to turn blue it id didn’t.

After bathing in this product my skin felt super soft and I believe that it would be good for skin aliments such as psoriasis and eczema due to the lack of perfume, and dyes.

It defiantly helped soothe my muscles and I slept really well after my bath.

My new favourite thing to do is exfoliate my entire body with my

Before sinking in to a bath of La Cure UK Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts for an all over tingly feeling


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