Elle Macpherson Rotating Dry Body Brush review

I recently purchased the NO7 facial brush and one day while using it I thought “I would love a bigger one for my body”
I love exfoliation my body weather it’s with a scrub, brush or exfoliation gloves but having a rotate brush would make the task quicker and easier.
I googled rotating body brushes and I came upon the Elle McPherson Rotating Dry Body Brush.

As I read more about the products I learned about some of the benefits of exfoliating skin, which include: increasing circulation removing dead cells and stimulating renewal, helping to tone muscles and tighten skin and helping to stimulate the nervous system by increasing blood flow and rejuvenating the nervous system and helping to reduce stress and last but not least can help to reduce cellulite by increasing blood circulation to the skin, helps to break down and releases toxins that cause cellulite in legs and hips.
Sounds good ….

This weekend I indulged myself
The natural bristles are quite rough but are not uncomfortable, I was amazed at how much dead skin came off when I was using it (I would recommended doing this in the bathroom)

After using the brush I jumped into the shower and the water felt amazing on my skin!
When I finished washing and moisturized my skin it felt amazing and smooth.

Very simple to use the body brush comes in two parts which easily slot together, then you hit the power button and away the rotating bristles go.
The Palm grip makes the brush easy to hold and maneuverer but it could benefit from some kind of attachment which would make it easier to do your own back.

It says on the box it is safe to use this product every day but I would imagine that people with sensitive skin would be better off using it every other day.

The thing I didn’t like about the product was:

It makes a weird scrapey noise
It has to charge for 5 hours for 45 minutes use
With our help from someone else you can’t do your back

Before Christmas I told my brothers to buy this for me but obviously the didn’t because I ended up buying it for myself, but if they did they would have been in my good books for 2014 despite my few complaints I do like this product and I am happy I purchased it.

Have you tried Elle Macpherson Rotating Dry Body Brush or any kind of body brush?
What are your thoughts?


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