Moroccan Oil Mini Review

I was gifted a  Moroccan Oil  during LFW and I remember being impressed with it but I didn't close oil bottle properly and it spilt into my carpet L
I still had the shampoo and conditioner and I am happy with the results.

I had been meaning to buy some more oil but had never gotten around to it.
During Clothes Shoe live when I saw a girl with the familiar blue bag with orange writing I stopped her and asked her where she had made her purchase.

The one thing I don’t like about the Moroccan Oil is how it feels in my hands .. but I feel the way about Argon oil in general also, it dose, however, smell amazing and moisturises my hair without leaving it greasy.
I intend to use it consistently for a few weeks to see how much of a difference it makes to the condition of my hair.

I will let you know my thoughts soon


Clothes show Live Birmingham

Hey all

This weekend saw me and my cuzzie in Birmingham for the Clothes show live for a weekend of shopping, blagging and female bonding.

After setting off at 3pm on Friday you can imagine our surprise when we arrived at our hotel at 8pm! unfortunately it was back to back traffic more or less all the way there.

Oh well not one to cry over spilled milk we chucked our bags in the hotel room and went out to experience what Birmingham had to offer.

After exploring the Bullring we quickly became tired and decided to go get some shut-eye in anticipation of a crazy day.

And crazy it was!
I have been to the Clothes show many times and yet I am never able to prepare for the whirl wind of craziness that is the Clothes Show Live

Bye Birmingham

as always i enjoyed the fashion shows which have interesting themes and dancing, however I do wish that the organisers would get some more sophisticated brands involved.

Despite being absolutely knackered after I have to say i had a blast and anyone who follows me in Instagram knows that I was getting my selfies on.

Before we headed back to London we also went to visit Cadbury world which was fun and informative 

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