Make overs and Susie Bubble talks about New Wave Italian Fashion in the House of Peroni

Thursday had never been my fave dry of the week but it was nice to have not one but two events to look forward too.

First stop was Penthouse for Bloggers... Love

where I was lucky enough to get my nails and make up done 

and grabbed a beautful looking cupcake 

before they all disappeared.

I always have a great time at Bloggers events and meet many talented bloggers however today I was In a hurry to get to my next event.
I did get to have a look at some of the amazing jewellery by  

(I didn’t get to take any pics but the girls at Bloggers..Love promised to send me some) and was given a goodie bag on my way out.

I arrived at the House of Peroni just in time to catch a talk hosted by fashion blogger Susie Bubble about New Wave Italian Fashion with award winning accessories designer Simone Rainer and women’s wear designer Arthur Arbesser.

I found the talk which highlighted of the difficulties faced by upcoming Italian designer in the old Italian market which is very formal and traditional and how they are having to branch out
Italian fashion industry, perceptions, trends and designers to watch. Susie will be discussing the challenges young designers face in Italy,

And they compare the Italian fashion scene is compared to other markets and what changes can be made to support new talent
Dispite missing the beginning of the talk I found it interesting as I hadn't considered how hard or would be I a market with such fashion history, a point was made about London and New York being cultural melting out which makes are quick to embrace new innovative trends and ideas which I think is defiantly true

I must add if you have not been to the House of Peroni take yourself up there!
Every day they are doing different interesting events such as fashion talks, movies and even mixology classes

Lee-Anne x 
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