Hypnôse Drama Mascara Gift Set Review

I have used many mascaras. hundreds probably. I’m cursed with short tightly curled  lashes, I used to wear fake lashes for nights out but have since forgotten how to apply them without gluing my eyes shut so for the moment I am at the mercy of mascaras to great the illusion of thick  dramatic lashes.

Lancôme Hypnoses Drama Mascara before however it was slightly out of my price range.

Lancôme Hypnoses Drama Mascara brush has a slight curve to it , so you have two sides to use. Using the flatter side of the brush first, you wiggle it up the length of your lashes to give them volume and body, then turn over and use the curved side to structure and separate each lash.

I generally use quite a few coats but with the Lancôme Hypnoses Drama Mascara two coats really all you need!

I was also very impressed with the Bi-Facil make-up remover, generally when I use make up removers it still takes for ever to get off all of my eye make-up and sometimes I still have panda eyes the next day. The Bi-Facil make-up remover removed all  of my eye make-up in no time without that stingy feeling, and it had a really pleasant smell.

The Mini Eyeliner is also of good quality (well it is Lancôme) perfect for keeping in my handbag.

was however very pleased to find out that Harrods currently have the Lancôme hypnoses drama Gift Set in stock which Includes Bi-Facil make-up remover and mini eyeliner for £10.50!!

Get it while stocks last!

Hayes Street Farm Boot Fair

Hi all hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the AMAZING weather!
I made sure to take full advantage.

Sunday morning I made sure I was up super early to meet my mum and her dog Barbie to go to the Hayes Boot sale.

I must say this is my first time going to a proper boot sale in a field as apposed to a car park or school.
Barbies ready to find some bargains
Now I’m going to let my lack of pictures illustrate how good the boot sale was as even after several trips back to the car my hands were rarely empty

Here are a few of my fave purchases

I got this United Colors of Benetton camera case and handbag for £3.00!!  

This vintage leather and suede Jacket cost me a whopping
Mens Blazer a steal at
I also brought some really pretty plates and vases

I can’t believe my mum has been living around the corner for three years and this is the first time that we have gone there.

Poor Barbie was absolutely KNACKERED by the time we left poor Barbie had to be carried to the car but she had lots of fun meeting people and other dogs.
I thought it was really nice that lots of the stall holders but bowls of water for the visiting dogs.

It was also a good opportunity for my mum to meet some more of the neighbours.

Hayes Street Farm Boot Fairs throughout the year from April to September, they are normally every two weeks but this can change due to weather

conditions. To keep updated check the Hayes Street Farm Boot Fair website or check out their twitter @HayesStreetFarm

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